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redsox_gwMay 13, 2011

This year we had a tough winter and I was surprised at the results. Mutabilis came though fairly well, had to cut some canes down to the ground but it always perks back up.

Clementina Carbonieri had two dead canes which, honestly, looked damaged last year and I just let them be. So now it has one large cane left.

Coming through very well were comtesse du cayla, arethusa and cramoisi superieur. No damage.

The real surprise was that Duchesse du Brabant, which some people seem to grow even in zone 5, was dead to the ground!! It is growing like crazy now, just not what I was expecting to happen.

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lovemysheltie(5/6 Chicago)

Don't you love when that happens? I wrote a different post about my own Climbing Clotilde Soupert who came through with winter completely tip hardy :D YAYYYY!

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Wow - You grow Mutabilis in zone 5? I have it in my Florida garden but I had never considered it for Wisconsin! Maybe I'll give it a try. I learn the most amazing things in this forum! Thanks for the tip!

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No, No! What I meant is that some people grow Duchesse du Brabant in zone 5. I grow Mutabilis in zone 6 and that is pushing it. I don't think it would make it in zone 5. Hope I did not confuse you.

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Thanks redsox. I just got all excited thinking I could have it both places. Glad you steered me right.

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anntn6b(z6b TN)

Did you roses have snow cover this year?
Did you have a winter thaw followed by more deep freezing weather?

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seil zone 6b MI

You give me hope, Redsox! I'm in love with Mutabilis and there are a couple of Teas I would love to try and "push the envelope" with. Post some picks when they bloom, please!

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In my zone 6, even if something dies to the ground, it grows pretty quickly when things heat up. Of course, zone 6 Kentucky is not zone 6 Michigan.

Ann, we did have a good amount of snow cover this year. Once it thawed, it did not get cold at all again this year. We got lucky there.

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