This really Sucks

thorngrower sw. ont. z5May 14, 2014

Well I don't grow a large number of roses, but I have had to cut down 80% of what I do grow. This is the 1st time since I've been growing roses I won't have the big show.. So glad I took pictures.....This past winter was brutal on my roses....


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You must be so disappointed. What a beautiful rose garden you have filled with big healthy specimens. I hope they return better than ever next year.

What a rotten winter. Curses!

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jerijen(Zone 10)

I'm so sorry -- But if it makes you feel better, Southern California is going through a second wave of temperatures in the 100's, with very high winds.

Not only are there multiple wildfires, burning down multiple homes and businesses, but -- a smaller but personal tragedy -- our entire spring bloom is dried to potpourri.



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No doubt your plants will regrow with exceptional vigor. Especially since their root systems are fully established.

BTW your pictures were always impressive. When I saw how well Mme Legras, A. Mackenzie, Prairie Joy & other Canadian roses grew for you, I was determined to order them from Pickering myself.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

I'm so sorry this has happened to you. To lose almost an entire spring flush has to be awful.

Like Jeri, my roses are toast after the horrible wind and high temperatures of yesterday and today. We are surrounded by seven fires, six of which began today and one yesterday, and our county has declared a state of emergency. It's a very disquieting time.


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fogrose(zone 10/sunset 17)

Sorry for all of you in areas where the weather has turned on your roses. Even here in Pacifica which is usually chilly and foggy we are having sun sun sun and temps in the 80s. My roses are wondering what's happening and are wilting too.

Fingers crossed for you Ingrid that all will be well fire-wise for you. Jeri, hope no fires are near you.


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All of you have my sympathies: horrible weather across the board. No doubt it will be our turn one day. Ingrid, I hope your home stays safe! Mark, did your plants survive if not their top growth? You have my best wishes for their robust recovery, if no flowers this spring!

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This winter was brutal. Surprisingly all our roses made it through. The wild multi-flora roses did not suffer at all. After cutting down some that were at least 18 feet tall in the trees I am still digging thorns out of my fingers and hands.

I have one miniature rose I received from a frenemy named Alice. So of course I call the rose "Malice". She will never die, no matter that she is planted in soil that is clay and gravel. She has survived drought, a polar vortex and a flash flood. She is immortal.

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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

There are nine fires in our area now with high winds predicted for another 24 hours and temperatures expected to be up to 103 degrees tomorrow. I feel incredible respect for the firemen who have to work in these horrific conditions in their heavy gear. I hope they all stay safe.


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This has been such a harsh year for so many!

Mark, I am so sorry that you lost your rose flush this spring. I know how we all wait in anticipation for that magical burst of colorful life. Your photo documents an incredible garden! May it return with resilience next spring.

Ingrid and Jeri, not fires already?! Sending hopes of safety and relief to you both. I know that roses may not be foremost on your minds in the face of other events, but I also know how hard it is to watch the fragile pieces of your corners of heaven succumb to the heat and smoke. I'm so sorry. Ingrid, please know my concern and my thoughts are with you and yours (human and animals) as you wait and wonder, surrounded by fires and living in the middle of a state of emergency! I wish I had rain to send your way, but Portland hit the low nineties today. Unprecedented!


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buford(7 NE GA)

The roses will come back. I had to cut most of my teas down to the roots because it dipped below zero here two nights and apparently that was enough to kill all the growth above ground. These teas were over 6 feet tall and wide. But now they are full of new growth (one may be dead, jury is still out....). I did lose some HTs, but I will replace them and remember to bury my grafts. The roses that didn't die seemed to relish the big cut back and I have all 'new' roses this year.

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thorngrower sw. ont. z5

I feel bad for posting , When so many have serious issues. My roses I'm sure will return. I was having a hard time getting use to the disappointment that made me post. 16 yrs. of beautiful roses...I'm hoping my perennials will pick up the slack this yr..
I hope everyone in the west stays safe....Thnx for taking time to cheer me up. Your all in my thoughts and prayers....


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ingrid_vc so. CA zone 9

Mark, please don't feel bad for posting. In your place I'd be devastated, and the fact that others have problems doesn't help with your own disappointment. I can see from your picture that you have many beautiful companion plants and that certainly helps, but we all look forward with great anticipation to the spring flush which is the highlight of the rose year.

Fortunately Jeri doesn't have any fires in her region that I know of. However, it's tinder-dry everywhere here and there's the possibility of fires in any area in southern California, or in many other western states for that matter. We'll just have to hope for the best.


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