mixing up a potting mix

sunnysideuphill(5)May 12, 2011

I have a dozen bands from Rogue Valley, all looking great, most with buds, and plan to pot them into gallons this weekend. I usually get whatever Agway is selling as potting mix, stir in some additional compost and call it a day.

But -

I ran into a friend who is an organic gardener, who recommended something called Black Earth, I think it's Canadian product since the label is in French and English, as a very rich base for a potting mix. I bought two 40 lb bags of it this AM, and it is super dense - not in a bad way, but as if you were crumbling freshly baked chocolate devils food cake. I plan to lighten it with perlite. Any suggestions on ratio, or what the finished mix should feel like? Should I add the compost as usual?

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buford(7 NE GA)

sunny, is it compressed? We did veggies in containers this year and bought something called ProMox, which was in compressed blocks. The instructions aid to wet it before putting in containers. It is also like cake. But this mix had some vermiculite in it already, but not too much. I'd add about 1/4 pearlite to lighten it up and help with drainage. We also added some black kow, which is composted manure, about 1/8th. I'm also planning on topping the pots off with compost as a mulch once the pots warm up.

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Nope,not compressed, but very heavy stuff, already crumbly texture. I've got some very well composted chicken litter, will add a bit of that with the pearlite.

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