Please, best roses for zone, 2, 3, 4, thanks.

luxrosaMay 29, 2009

I was torn between posting on the modern site,and here, please excuse the inclusion of modern roses here.

I've taken on a small project for a freind who wants to grow roses in Zone 3-4A in Wisconsin where I didn't know it got as cold as Alaska, and also need more roses for my auntie in Alaska.

Of zone 2-3-4 roses, which are the best for


- health blackspot resistant would be good,

-ease of maintenence?

Wild roses and species.

r. spinosissima altaica, or Austrian Briar?

Are there any cold hardy Buck roses that are black spot resistant?

A few roses I've heard of that are cold hardy are_

'Daydream' love the photos at hmf, the growth habit and foliage resembles, to my eyes, a Hybrid Musk, the blooms have a bit of the beauty of a wild rose. does it repeat well?


Duchess of Portland' zone 4. at hortico

Jacques Cartier' zone 4 according to hortico,


Golden Wings'

'Lambert Closse' zone 4 " . does this have rugose foliage or not, and is it b.s. resistant.

Morden Blush

Morden Sunrise

there are very few very cold hardy yellows, is this the best?

Alexander Mackenziee'

Carefree Beauty'


Belle Poitevine' Of all the rugosa photos I've looked at this one sings to my heart. is it healthy?

Purple pavement'


Marie Bugnet

Martin Frobisher

Mont Blanc

Therese Bugnet



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anntn6b(z6b TN)

There are a few resources if you can find them.
A list of roses at the Devonian Gardens in Alberta Province Canada.
Roses hybridized up the road in Morden Manitoba.
Also roses hybridized by Frank Skinner in Saskatchewan.
Anything hybridized by Robert Erskin, ____ Showalter, Percy Wright.
Many if not all of the roses hybridized by Hansen in South Dakota. would do for WI, if not for colder.
(Contact Henry Najat in Madison WI for a list of the OGRs that he grows; he has a huge collection.)

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AnneCecilia z5 MI

My list of recommendations from my zone 4 experience for ease of growing, hardiness and no fuss:
Alba Maxima
Alba Semi-plena
Applejack (the only truly *cane hardy* Buck rose IME)
Belle de Crecy
Belle Poitevine
Champagne Arches, AKA Nancy Parker
Fantin Latour
Felix Leclerc
Fru Dagmar Hastrup
Great Maiden's Blush
Hebe's Lip
Henri Martin
Henry Kelsey
John Cabot
John Davis
Marie Victorin
Mme. Hardy
Mme Legras de St.Germain
Morden Blush
Rosa glauca
Rosa villosa pomifera
Rose de Rescht
Stanwell Perpetual
Therese Bugnet
William Baffin
various Spinnossimas, "Scot's Rose", gallicas, albas, rugosas (careful on the hybrid rugosas - some can be very tender.)

There are many, many other roses that I do succeed in growing here, but if your newbie growers are looking for less disease problems, less pruning work, and less winter protection routine then I would pare my list down to these. BTW, on your list of possibles, I also grow Morden Sunrise, Alexander Mackenzie, Marie Bugnet and Martin Frobisher and an awful lot of the Buck roses. They don't make the hardiness cut although they're all lovely. I have a lot of die back on each and every one of them each year.
I guess as I get older, I'm getting tired of hard pruning and waiting for the "bounce back" - or not. Right now I'm looking at a lot of beds with very little rose left above ground in them, cut back as recently as they were and just starting to re-grow. Not much of a garden at the moment! The season is so short here that a rose which can start out full size is a definite advantage I'm beginning to think. I'm currently eying my collection more critically with a goal of less fuss, more reward in future. (Sorry if I sound pessimistic, but given my current state of mind, your post struck a chord.) Hope some of this somehow helps,

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riku(Z3 Canada)

Can not help for Wisconsin another world and zone 3 to me based on when I was in Madison they actually have trees.

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palustris(Z6 MA)

I would have to concur with Anne's list above and have found most of the roses on her list hardy to zone 4. To that list I would add:

Constance Spry
The Penzance Hybrid Eglantines
Jens Munk
Monte Rosa
R. moyesii 'Highdownensis'
Rosa Mundi
Rosa pomifera 'Duplex'
Variegata di Bologna

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My heartfelt thanks to each of you, for the long lists, and for your reccomendation, Ann.


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predfern(z5 Chicago)

Where can I get a good Stanwell Perpetual?

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Henry Hudson, explorer type, is a beauty.
I would attempt to grow Fair Bianca, quite a hardy David Austin, that does well here in zone 4b. If there is a heavy snow cover, she may survive. Be sure to plant her DEEP, with the bud at least six inches below ground level. All of her canes will self root, and her roots are quite hardy. She is worth trying, because she is a prolific bloomer, never stops, is extremely fragrant, extremely healthy, has beautiful blooms, and self roots very readily, makes hardy roots, and the roots are quite reliable to send up new canes. In Wisconsin there should be a nice long growing season for her to be able to store plenty of energy in the roots for the next season. By planting her deep, even if she is killed back to the ground, the rooted canes will send up new shoots from the roots.

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Bethany_Z5(Rural Z5)

On Hortico's website you use to be able to do a search for roses that are hardy to specific zones.
You might want to see if they still offer that feature.

I have a page on my website on cane hardy roses that might be helpful...

Here is a link that might be useful: Cottage Rose Birds n' Blossoms

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leo_prairie_view(2B Manitoba)

The best resource for roses for the north is from the Minnesota extension service. The one roses that is an absolute necesseity in a northern garden is Therese Bugnet, repeat bloom with a huge spring flush and good winter appearance with thornless arching red stems. The rugosas, Darts Dash and Fru Dagmar are favorites of mine and stay a manageable size.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roses for the North.

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greenhaven(SW MI z6)

Predfern, you can get Stanwell Perpetual from Heirloom Roses, but you might have to do an actual search for the name. For some reason that rose slips through almost every crack in their categorical divisions. I came across it by accident on a search. Mine might have died in it's pot over the winter. I am still waiting for signs that it will grow again!

I might also have seen it at Rogue Valley.

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I do not live up there but have a Northern rose named Frontenac which is suppose to be zone 3 hardy. I have never seen a rose bloom so much, its like they come out of nowhere. It will probably stay pretty small up there. Takes a while to build up because it blooms so much. Completely disease resistant here on the hot and humid Gulf Coast.


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