2014 Pruning Illustrations Co-Op

rcharles_gwJanuary 21, 2014

Place for us to show before and after photo's of our pruning efforts.

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sam401(Cairns, Australia.)

Great Idea Rick!

I'll kick it off with my plant I've just pruned.

She was very long and leggy before I started.
You can see how well the plant responded to the pruning, most of the branches have at least two new shoots on them.

When I pruned I only cut off one or two branches at a time to let it recover in between, not sure if you can cut more or not?
I just left the branch alone, kept it dry and 4or 5 weeks later it started sprouting the new shoots. I think Laura puts wood glue over the cut to seal it, I will try that next time.

This was my first time pruning any of my plants, so it was a bit overwhelming. I had some great advice and feedback from everyone on this forum which gave me the confidence to go ahead and make that first cut.

Hopefully this will help someone else take the plunge too :)

Here is my before and after pictures.


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congratulations sam
great job you have given me great confidence for a go ahead
my sheers are itching for prunning
waitng for temperature to rize a bit then hard pruning
never done it before so bit nervous but my leggy plants are crying for attention


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sam401(Cairns, Australia.)

Thank you Anurag, im glad I could help.

Be sure to post some before and after shots for us to see.

Happy pruning :)


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sam401(Cairns, Australia.)

Sorry. Double post

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Sam- lookin good! did you Not seal the places you pruned? curious if you get the same results or not, depending on the watering and so on I would imagine.

Thanks in advance


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sam401(Cairns, Australia.)

Hi Chuy!

No, I didn't seal anything. It was very dry and hot when I pruned, I just made sure it stayed dry (moved it undercover) and just watered the dirt gently. Its still pushing out new growth, and there are a couple of buds forming nicely as well! I'll post another picture when it opens.

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Thanks Sam!!! Good to know. Can't wait to see more pics ;)


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Great photos and nice work! Your adenium is off to a good start and has a great caudex.

The 3rd and 4th photos from the bottom show something my plants tried to do a lot this year. They would branch out right at the cut, too close to the "die back" area that shrivels at the end of the cut. Eventually these new branches seemed to have problems, prone to rot and that sort of thing. I think maybe I should have kept them drier. You probably did well by keeping yours dry...


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