$6. At Home Depot

Dragon66(9)January 15, 2014

I was wondering through Home Depot last weekend and saw this desert rose and at the price has to pick it up. This is my second plant and I hope this one blooms. It's been almost a year already and I haven't gotten any blooms form the other one. By the what's the name of this plant?


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adeniumrose(South Florida)

You need to proper sunlight an the plant maybe too young to bloom. some of the ones at hoe depot are under 3 years old so until they get older they will not bloom. Also, you may need to add fertilizer a bloom boosting to your adenium in late winter so they are ready to bloom in spring/early summer.

Here is a link that might be useful: AdeniumRose Company

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Nice and healthy looking desert rose. Congrats!


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The plant sits on my porch and I get a sw morning sun for about four hours. I guess this isn't sufficient? AdeniumRose my first desert rose I got at a garden show and it had some blooms on it but they soon fell off. I also spoke to the grower it bought it from and they told me to use dynamite fertilizer 13-13-13. What is the name of the fertilizer and the bloom booster you use?


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