Possible Fungus?

jchandraJanuary 24, 2013

I just purchased this DR and there seems to be a possible fungus issue. As you can see in the picture, there are black spots on a couple of the leaves as well as deformation. Does anyone have any idea what is going on with it and how to fix it? I'm new to this and am at a loss. Thanks in advance!

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The majority of the leaves look good, other than the two in the front lower part of plant (in photo). Looks to be a few marks on a leaf on left upper.
I would remove the two leaves that are discolored and through in garbage.
The white halo looking spots all over the leaves is more than likely from something in the water when watered over head.
Watch it for a while to see if you notice any changes as this is a new plant.

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I agree with Rick. I don't think the damaged foliage is anything to worry about but you can pinch them off and dispose of them. The white spots on the remainder of the foliage are from water. When removing the foliage don't pull it off the main stem. Leave a small piece of the petiole (leaf stem) which will yellow and drop on it's own.

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Thank you for the quick responses! I have cut the leaves off and I'll keep an eye on the plant. Does anyone know how to get the water spots off? I tried misting the leaves and wiping them with a paper towel, but that didn't work.

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Those are not normal water spots. I believe the plant was sprayed with a fungicide. These are normally a suspension and when dried would normally give that appearance. It's a good treatment though not good for the appearance.

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Thanks for the replies! Now, some of the leaves are shriveling up and falling off. Is this normal? Maybe due to climate change, it's going dormant?

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