Problems with Adeniums/Overfeeding

marialeal20January 6, 2014

Hello everyone
Happy Healthy 2014
I have previously opened a topic Overfeeding and I have not received a reply as yet.
I have decided to 1/2 the strength of any fertilizers and insecticides that I use to see if it makes any difference. I have taken them out of the hothouse to increase the ventilation between plants. Also how often should you spray if you have a problem and can you treat for spider mite and fungus at the same time or will that be over treating. Could that be what I am seeing on the leaf.
Could someone have a look at the photos and see what they think I would appreciate it.
Cheers Maria

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Hi Maria,
I was suprised to hear you say that you had not received a response to date, as new posts that are not answered usually stay a top of postings? Sorry from everyone for this.

I cannot be sure Maria from the photo, but the white speckling on leaves could be from spider mites.
I would treat for mites at intervals of 5-7 days for 3 treatments. Make sure if you spray the leaves with a contact insecticide, that it is not done in sun. The leaves could burn.
If concerned about burning and you use a contact insecticide, then you can rinse off with water after an hour or two. I do not use systemic, so I cannot give advice.
Not sure about treating for both at same time. Have to be clear as to what issues you are dealing with first.
I fertilize mine when in full growth every time with 1/2 strength and this is watering once weekly. If more then I water in between with plain water.
It is recommend if you can fertilize with something similar to 9-3-6, or 24-8-16
I hope that this helps you.

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Thanks Rick
I have been overdoing it a bit by the sounds of it. You have given me a good routine I can follow and will look forward to any further advice that you can give me.
Thanks so much Maria

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It looks like mine plants dealing with bad mite infestation. I don't know about any systemic to treat it, so I spray, multiple times and hope for the best! Make sure you spray both sides of leaves, and do it every week for at least 3 times. I get it every winter, they like dry weather! Number of times I got desperate, defoliated and sprayed stems and caudex. Water helps, if you can give your DR shower!


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