When will my Desert Rose bloom?

Suz0486January 22, 2013

Hi, I am new to growing Adenium Obesum and can't seem to find any information to learn more about them, then basic growing instructions. Last year, I bought Desert Rose seeds. I have been growing them inside since New York is to cold to grow them outside. Now that its been about a year and a few months, my plants are growing nice and tall. I have transplanted them from my starter pots to bigger pots so they can mature nicely. One desert rose I have growing is about 3-4in tall and the other is 2-3in. I was just wondering how many years till I can expect flowers?I understand it takes many years of maturing till it starts to bloom. I would assume its probably 5 or more years till it is old enough. Just was wondering if anyone can recommend some books for me to read or provide some information so I can make sure it grows healthy and full like I see in photos of excellent specimens. Thanks so much

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There is a book that everyone growing Adeniums should have. It is called
"Adenium Sculptural Elegance Floral Extravagance" by Mark Dimmitt, Pazkill and another author. It is very informative and a wonderful piece of reading material. I got mine through eBay, but it is for sale on Amazon.com and through a few other sources.
As for flowering time with Adeniums, all depends on the conditions and cultural environment that we can each give.
Some have had them flower as early as 8mths, but this is not common with most. The sunlight, heat, watering (during warm weather) some fertilizer all contributes to good growth.
If you are able to post a few photo's for people to view, they may be able to give you an idea how yours look in comparison to plants that they have growing. Just as a guide to help you.
I am sure I have missed much, but hope this helps a little.

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I am in a similar climate (7a near WDC) and my seed grown plants take about 3 years to bloom but I've heard of many others getting blooms on their seed grown plants much earlier. Some within a year.

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