laurieinphxJanuary 6, 2014

Hello all:

just received my book on Adeniums. Looking forward to learning more about these beautiful plants! Wondering if it will be as informative as all the information I have found in this forum?! So much fun to learn about them. :)

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Is it Mark Dimmitt's, Joseph and Plazkill's book? This book is fantastic.
You will find a wonderful group of people that frequent this site/forum.
Nice to be able to ask questions and sometimes a very basic question to someone is not to another. You will always be greeted with constructive and helpful advice from many. In the end you have to go with what you have available to yourself.
I hope you enjoy everyone as much as I do.

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Hi Rick:

yes, that is the book I purchased. So much information and so many different types of adenium! Apparently one of the author's is based out of Tucson. I may need to plan a road trip!


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Great book Laurie,
Yes, I am not sure if it is Mark Dimmitt that lives there?
They have a wonderful website also for plants and seeds.


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Great to here good things about this book. I ordered it about a week ago.

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thank you for the website referall. I will definitely be pulling it up.


there is some pretty technical stuff in there but it is very interesting to read about all the different types. There is a chapter in there about grafting as well. I am all excited about different things I can try. I better just focus on trying to get my first one to survive... :)

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