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MRI_Guy(5a)January 16, 2013

I recieved a grafted DR today and the graft scar is very noticeable. The grafted section is smaller in diameter than the stock it was grafted to. Does this graft scar grow together and become less noticeable over time?


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Yes it will become less noticeable.

How well it will get depends on:
1. the type of graft - flat or v type
2. the similarities of the diameters of the scion and the rootstock when they were first joined
3. how well the plant grows with time

A scar will dissapear with time if done well. The least they will do is to smoothen out.

Hopefully they will make it up with beautiful flower that will take your attention away from the small 'imperfection'. Love your plants and they will become beautiful, eh?

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I don't know about how other growers view this, but I personally think that the graft unions on most Adenium are poorly done and look disgusting. A major demerit for me as far as these plants are concerned. Graft failures, viruses, and lack of availability of named varieties, are all too common.

Also, and this is just my opinion, unless you are an expert grower, and live in a climate that helps these plants to thrive and grow to their fullest potential, I find Adeniums to be temperamental, prone to diseases, and rot to easily. Read about all the problems that posters write about. The major theme seems to be rot, graft-failures and poor performance in less than ideal conditions, and climates.

Just my thoughts. That's why I grow other, easier, plants. The Bronx, is not like a Namibian desert. :(


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I find the flat graft method to be less noticable but even the V type scars don't really bother me unless done very poorly. When the plant is in full foliage you don't really notice them.

I find adeniums much easier to care for then many of the other plants I grow. lol

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Frank, well, I feel I cannot comment on or pass judgement on the aesthetics of grafted plants as I have only ever seen one DR for sale as they are certainly 'not the norm' in our garden centres etc.
As for their fickle temperament, yes, I agree they are challenging and especially so for folks like me who live in less than ideal situations. Climate is our major problem, but obviously can't be altered. However, ones growing conditions and methods can to a certain extent. When I read posts from growers such as our new UK member 'Adenium 1949' and see what can be achieved, I am encouraged and feel inspired even more to learn how to correct my wrongs and grow them better. One day I know I will get one to flower, and till then I will not give up.

I like a challenge every now and then and this plant family suits me just fine! Easy-peasy plants can get boring for me. This too is just my opinion you understand :)

Gill from the UK....which by the way is more like the Arctic at the moment, as the snow is deep and crisp and even.

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Hi everyone. Good to read the comments, and to see new growers posting about their plants.

I too, love a challenge, but I like triumphs better. Adenium are wonderful plants, but they have some quirks. A little thinking will solve most problems. Living in hot, sunny, climates is half the battle, but there are ways of getting around this requirement.

Lack of availability, and poor distribution, better be solved if Adenium-growing is to become more popular. Stabilized seed might help produce more widely available plants in specified colors. Otherwise, we are stuck with grafted plants.

My wish is not to stir up controversy, but just to note what I consider to be demerits to growing these plants. Some of the other "fat-plants" that I grow require special considerations, pick your poison.

However, the flowers are beautiful, and that's a big plus for these fatties.


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