Where to get fresh Adenium seeds

Rich_Miller(6A)January 20, 2013

I searched this forum quite a bit but the sources for Adenium seeds are older.

Does anyone know where I can purchase fresh Adenium seeds?
Or perhaps not too expensive plants?

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Hi Rich,
The freshness of seeds seems to always be in question, unless you harvest yourself or a friend.
The seeds from Adenium_Ko are highly regarded by most growers and true to what he shows in photo's.
Rinoa, tw_adeniums on eBay (or Orientadeniums on Facebook) & Adeniumcenter. I have had excellent germination from their seeds, but cannot comment at this point as to flower color/type at this point as plants have not flowered.
There prices are good. Get twice the number of seeds from Adeniumcenter (packaged in 20's)
Hope this helps,

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Thanks for the info Rick.
I checked out Adenium Center on eBay and saw that their seeds ship from Thailand. From what I read on this Fedex site http://www.fedex.com/us/international/irc/profiles/irc_us_profile.html#C04 it is illegal to import plant seeds into the US.

Here is eBay's Plant and Seed policy.
That makes me a little leary of doing business with them even though they have great prices.

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I second the recommendations that Rick gave you. I've purchased seeds from Mr Ko and might have purchased from Rinoa. I haven't found that the seeds match the pics much of the time but don't expect them to as seeds don't grow true but I've always had excellent germination. I've also never had any problems with importing seeds from Thailand and have bought adeniumsd and several other seed varieties. What I would be wary of is importing plants from Thailand though I do know a number of people who have bought bare root adeniums and hoya cuttings with no problem.

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I have placed an order....thanks to both of you for your input.

Now to see if I can grow some hydroponically.....

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Not sure how well they'll do in a hydroponics set up once they put on some size. The constant moisture in the root zone can cause rot. Let us know how they do. Good luck.

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I was actually only going to germinate the seeds and keep them in hydro until I could transplant them into soil.
I am just trying to get a jump on the growing season.

There is only 1 youtube video from a Thai Adenium grower that claims to do it. They state that Adeniums should be grown just like veggies.

I'll try it and see.

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Do any of you treat your seeds with fungicide before planting?

If so, which do you use?


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I've never had any issues with things like damping off with adeniums and haven't had the need to pretreat seeds. I do occasionally use horticultural sulfur to dust cut stems or areas of rot that have been cut out.

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Hello Rich,
I have tried most methods of sowing over time and have settled on the following method as it gives me 90-100% success with no damping off.
1) Prepare the sowing compost. I use standard houseplant compost with added perlite.
2) Put this mix into a microwaveable container and heat on full power for 10 minutes to sterilise.
3) Cover and allow to cool.
4)While medium is cooling soak seeds in cooled boiled water for 2 hours (if the seeds have been through a drying process, Mr Ko does).
5) Sow seeds and provide a constant 80/85 degrees.

Seedlings will appear in a few days. The seed compost must not dry out during germination.

Personally I find this method gives the best consistent results.

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Thanks Karyn and Ad1949
I think I have a plan based on what both of have offered.

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Adenium1949's method definitely sounds good but I honestly don't have the patience to go thru all of that. I've been starting DR's from seed for a number of years and just soak them in water (plain tap water) for a minimum of 8 hours to overnight prior to sowing. I use a high quality bagged mix like Fafard or one of the Forestfarm blends. I plant the seeds on their side covered with about 1/8" of soil and keep them warm. I use a seed mat if starting them indoors and I cover the tray until they germinate which is usually within a week. I keep the soil lightly moistened but never wet. The seedlings are quite hardy. I've even reused soil to start them in with no fungal issues. With fresh seed I've always gotten just about 100% germination.

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