Flower colors?

54641210dFebruary 8, 2013

I read through some of the posts here and a few stated that www.adeniumseeds.com was a reputable place to buy seeds. I also read that many adeniums, when fully grown, sprout pink flowers majority of the time regardless of what its parents flowered. So my question is, has anyone bought seeds from adeniumseeds.com? And if you did, what percentage sprouted the flowers you desired?

If you haven't bought from that website, can you suggest a safe number of seeds to buy to obtain a decent chance of getting the flower of the parent plant?

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I haven't bought from that company, but there is a saying that like x like = like. I think that I am right that most adenium are self sterile and need a pollinator. To have some certainty regarding the offspring you need to know both the pod parent and the pollen parent. This means hand pollinated seeds and pictures of both to see the most likely characteristics that can result.
Good luck with your growing.

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