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karyn1(7a)February 10, 2013

Sorry if this is a bit off topic but does anyone here use Photobucket? If so WTF is with the new site? I hate it and can't figure out how to upload more then 1 photo. I make a new album and after I load the first pic when i try to load more it just brings up "library" and won't allow me to access the album to upload more photos. I HATE it and am going to have to use a new image hosting site. The old Photobucket was so user friendly and the new one is anything but.

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I have not been on Photobucket lately, but that is a load of brown bananas.
I had used Webshots for a long time and it was so simple to use, but they switched to S-----, can't remember and now it is a paid only site.
I sorry to hear about photobucket. Will have to look at it also.

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Use Dropbox.com, it's free and easy!


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Photobucket's also free and it USED to be easy!! Goodness knows what they've done to it now. I agree with Karyn, just had a go at uploading (not done any for ages, only downloading) and it then does like you said ...are we both doing something wrong? Surely not! It used to work fine on the old system. Grrrrrr.
If it ain't broke, don't fix it!!
Gill from the UK.

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Karyn, did you click on UPLOAD...................at the bottom of the area it tells you to:
* To Bulk Upload, select multiple photos by holding SHIFT or CONTROL as you click.
By holding the SHIFT key down while you choose each picture in an file or album you have on your computer, it will allow you to upload more than one file at a time............

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Tried holding SHIFT or CONTROL and it makes no difference. Just LIBRARY comes up after the initial pic has been uploaded and I can't get back to a particular album to continue uploading more pics. Regardless of what I do the same group of pics comes up on my computer. They are the ones I wish to continue loading but it won't allow it and I can't get them to stop popping up. I don't know if it's a glitch or I'm doing something wrong but it seems that many people have a similar complaint when I look for help on the site. Speaking of newfangled sites what's up with the look of GW now??? It's not difficult or anything but I don't care for the look at all.

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Karyn, you are not alone, I also hate Photobucket when they automaticly switch me from orginal to new home page. Play with it and you can switch back to old home page. It took me awhile to get to know them and get used to it again, but I am okay now. Good luck.

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How did you switch back to the old home page? I looked all over and couldn't find a way.

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