Spring is coming- pruning time for me

rcharles_gwFebruary 12, 2013

This is going to be my first time pruning my grafted Adeniums. One I pruned to get rid of a tip that looked as though it was rotting. Has healed well and it has 3-4 new nodes swelling for more branches.
Some of them have she'd leaves and a few have not.
Not sure if I should wait until I see new leaves starting or if I can prune them prior to this.
Any thoughts would be welcomed.

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My hard pruned DR is doing great - lots of new growth!


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Hello Rick,
Yes, spring is finally on the way and we are starting to move out of the danger zone. Congratulations on keeping your plants safe ( and the same goes to all who read this). The usual advice is to delay pruning until signs of active growth. I think that the main danger from pruning is getting the cut surfaces wet and allowing rot a way in. Keep us posted on what you do.

Brian UK.

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Hi Rick. I also don't prune until I see signs of active growth and I haven't pruned my grafted adeniums yet but I do remove any growth I see emerging from the rootstock. I don't have nearly the amount of growth on my grafted branches that I have on non grafted plants.

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Thanks Scott, Brian and Karyn,
Yes, I think that I am getting itchy feet sort to speak. I think I will hold off on pruning. A few of them did not shed leaves completely, but I should probably wait to see new growth coming on them I would imagine?
I also have about 50+ 1yr. old seedlings to pot up and am getting anxious about potting up those. Not sure if I would call their growth active or not. They definitely have grown in the last couple weeks. I have them in a south facing window, but they have been getting supplementary lighting for approx.
6hrs/day. Have them in 2 1/4" pots at the moment.
Lots to do this spring.

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I think you can do what you want with young seedlings just about any time of year.

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Hey Karyn. I was wondering, if you were to leave the growth on the rootstock of your grafted adenium, does that mean the plant will eventually have different flower types on it?

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You don't want growth from the rootstock. It will sap too much energy from the grafted portions and possiblty eventually overtake them. You would have two different types of blooms. The rootstock and grafted blooms but I don't know if they would bloom at the same time and for the reasons I mentioned I wouldn't try to find out. You can always have multiple varieties grafted onto a single rootstock. I know marie has some mutli grafted plants.

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Nooooo!! Don't plant the idea in my head! I'll have to graft vicariously through you. As it is, I'm probably way over my head getting 3 adeniums in the dead of winter, considering my only experience with plants had been with salads and stew.

I do enjoy the learning bits in this forum, though.

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Rick, even though the weather is doing good, but I see you in zone 7b, and it is still early to prune. I wait unitl late March to prune all my DR or atleast middle of March.


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Thanks Marie. I am so anxious to get going. I have spring fever.
Will wait on pruning.

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