What tpye of soil please?

JmyelouFebruary 16, 2013

I am a new member and grow orchids but saw this plant and could not resist bringing it home now I need to educate myself...Thank you

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Welcome Jmyelou - for seedlings, I use a commercial cactus mix and add more Pearlite to it. When ready for transplanting, I have found that Al's "gritty mix" works best. If you're not familiar with it, just Google "Gritty Mix" and you'll find the recipe. I'm glad you found us, there are many seasoned professionals on this forum; I discovered it just a few months ago myself and found it to be the most helpful tool available for the Adenium enthusiast!


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Hi MRI_Guy, what the mixtures did you use for the Gritty Mix? I have: -uncomposted fir bark, -Turface, -#2 cherrystone. I'm not sure how to mix them. Should be equally 1-1-1 or ??? Please any helps would be appreciated.

I live in Wisconsin, last week I bought a DR that have a white flower at Stein garden center, 6" container, they're on sale for 30% off. They're new batch about a dozen DR, some have flowers some don't. Now I want to transplant it to a larger container with Gritty mix.

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Hello again MyLan - yes, the mixture I use is 1-1-1 of each ingredient. After mixing the ingredients together, I poured the mix into a screened kitchen sieve and rinsed it well, then let it dry before using.

Good to hear about your Stein's; ours just received a new shipment as well. The last batch they received sold fairly quickly, both the 4" and 6" pot sizes. I spoke with the gal that takes care of their indoor green house and clued her in as to the DR's water and light preferences. She was glad to receive the info...


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Scott, thanks for your info on the mixtures. People said that the Kitty Mix is a quick drainage soil and it's dry fairly fast; how often do you water the DR and what kind of fertilizer for it?

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MyLan - in the winter months, I water once a week, sometimes more, but my DR's are still full of leaves and even a flower or two. In the summer, I water every day when the plants are in full sun and full heat. I am following the advice of the pros that I follow on this forum and use Dyna-Gro-Foliage-Pro and Dyna-Gro Pro-TeKt 0-0-3 Silicon Supplement. I will also add Osmocote 273260 Outdoor and Indoor Smart-Release Plant Food 14-14-14 (the green label, not the pink one). It is a time release fertilizer that I only add in the spring. All 3 of these are available on Amazon if you can't find them locally. Good luck and please post a picture or two when you can...


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