Adenium Obesum Leaf Issue

kaktuskris(5)February 8, 2013

I posted this on the C&S forum, but friends there said I should post here...

This Adenium obesum has been thriving lately, but just recently noticed some yellow areas on the leaves. Caudex is nice and firm, and leaves are as well. Any ideas? It actually looks quite pleasant, but wonder if it is detrimental to the health of the plant. Don't see any signs of spider mites, really.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Christopher!!!
Your Adenium is looking pretty good for this time of the year. Most of mine have lost most of their leaves and i have reduced the water. Mine are in the sunroom and have a few leaves and are starting to bud now. I also have some under my T-5 lights that dont look as good as yours. I just received some from R from Taiwan and they came barerooted a few months ago. All are budding now and are starting to take off.

check for spider mites. If you don't see any, then i wouldn't worry to much. They will drop their leaves more so than normal this time of the year. Some varieties lose more than others.

Have you cut back on the amount of water during the winter?

Glad to see you here at the Adenium forum.. lots of great people here and great info too! ;-)

I think you are doing a great job growing this baby from seed. You DR is looking great and compared to most of ours that are dropping leaves because of some of them going somewhat dormant, you are doing great!

No worries!

I'm sure yours is in a good draining mix?

Your Adenium is looking pretty good to me!!

I'm sure you will have others chime in and help you with your questions!

Take care,


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Well done Laura, good advice. Christopher, welcome to the forum and don't worry too much. Your plant looked good for this time of year. My DR's are looking bad right now with no leaves....most of them are gone anyway.

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Thanks, Laura. I really appreciate your encouragement, as always.

Hello Marie, I remember you have some wonderful looking Adeniums, as well as Euphorbia milii...Always love to look at the pics of them you post.


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Hi ,
I lived in San Jose, CA. Can someone advise me how often I need to water my DR?

Thanksin advance..


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Hi Vicki!

What kind of soil is your plant growing in? How big is the pot? Is it outside in full sun?


Here is a link that might be useful: Great starting point

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