Importing seeds from Thailand... Do I need a permit?

54641210dFebruary 11, 2013

I just recently bought a few seeds from Thailand, the total amount being 60 seeds. Should I get a "Phytosanitary paper" or would the seeds come into USA just fine without them? I don't want to lose these seeds!!

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I would think that if you have already purchased on eBay or directly from someone in Thailand that a Phytosanitary Cert. should or would have been supplied by the sender of the seeds. If you where to apply for anything it would have been a small quantity seed import permit.
I do not believe that most are receiving one of these.
Your seeds should arrive without an issue.

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Thanks for replying, Rick! Hopefully they'll arrive safely


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I've ordered seeds from Thailand and have never needed to apply for anything. I do have a small seed import permit from the USDA/APHIS but have never even botherd with it when ordering seeds from Thailand. You shouldn't have a problem.

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