Desert Rose- has not flowered or leaved since I got it in Oct

yorkiemikiFebruary 17, 2014

So I purchased a gallon sized "Desert Rose" in early October, from Home Depot. I'm in los Angeles we've had very little rainfall and it's been 70-80 degrees all winter. I water it about once every 2-3 weeks. I've only fertilized it once about 3 months ago with very weak fertilizer.

It lost it's leaves the first week I borught it home around early october.

Also, when I first bought it I noticed some scaley bugs... i treated it for a week with a little bit of alcohol and now the spiders have seemed to take care of them. Haven't seen any pests for 3-4 months

I thought that these things usually will have flowers or leaves during warm dry weather?

In some of the photos u can see buds forming.

This happened in November/december the buds formed but no flowers/leaves came from them

Am I doing something wrong?

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Hi! Could you post current picture of whole plant?. It is hard to tell, but looks like your plant is dormant at the moment. Is this adenium outside? You had much colder temps at night, at least when I was in LA 2 weeks ago, you are watering very small amounts and plant lost all it's leaves. This conditions are good for getting rest and waiting for spring for DR. Many of the plants grown dry and coldish will go dormant at this time of the year. Check if caudex is firm to make sure there is no root rot, and let us know. If all goes fine you should see new leaves or buds soon, if temperatures stay warm at night, this would be good time to water more and start feeding it weakly weekly.

Good luck, Aggie

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Yes it gets into the 50s at night.

I checked caudex is very firm. I actually put it under the patio because there is a really heavy rain storm next couple days about 4 inches. It hasn't rained in months in los angeles, i'm coastal so it doesn't get too cold here nor does it get too hot. It's been like 70-80s every day.

I'll try to gete ssome more pics in morning thank u.

I can see some buds u can kinda make them out in the pics, but I thought it would grow leaves since it had been warm and dry

Most likely I think you are right and it is dormant, I can't wait for the spring, but I was just wishing these conditions were good enough for growth

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It looks like a good sized plant from photo's. It is not uncommon for them to shed leaves with change of environment and growing conditions.
Many Adeniums will come on with flowers first and leaves to follow, depending on the cultivar that you have.
Your temperatures (daytime) are warm enough and having under cover now is a good thing as long as evening temps. stay at 50F.
With watering and fertilizer quantities, it will depend a lot on what type of soil
the plant is in.
If in a free draining mix the watering will be more frequent and would be a consideration if not in it now.
Fertilizing once the plant really starts flushing with new growth at regular dose, but until then just a weak solution.
In a free draining mix in your summer, you could have to water a couple times a week I would think.
When in full growth during summer, it is alright to let them dry back, but not to the point that the feeder roots are compromised.
Look forward to seeing some photo's of it in bloom.

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[URL=][IMG][/IMG][/URL] Here's an updated pic I have my hand in it for reference to size. It's in a 1 gallon. I can see the buds really forming now. I kept it out of the rain during the last storm.

Right now it's in it's original home depot soil, i did lift the root ball out and fill the bottom 2 inches with volcanic rock and pumice to make it drain better.

Do you think I should repot it in a gritty mix and remove all the old soil? Or wait til spring?

Why can't I post a pic from flickr?

Here is a link that might be useful: desert rose

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Hi yorkiemiki,
You could repot now if you feel that the soil it is in is not free draining. Now would be a good time as you are heading into spring/summer and this will be optimum growing time.
Putting lava rock on the bottom will not make it better draining. It has to be a gritty mix throughout to help proper drainage around the entire root system and for good aeration. I believe that the perched water level would just be at the bottom of old soil (Homedepot) and below.
I am sure that I have got much wrong with my explanation, but if you add a gritty mix it will be a good start.
Your succulents (Agave's) are gorgeous. Love them.

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