Storing seeds?

54641210dFebruary 26, 2013

How do I store extra seeds? And what's the maximum amount of time it'll stay viable?

I bought 60 seeds and I'm not sure if I should plant them all now, or store a part for later. Should I plant them all? I'm probably not going to get 100% germination, and not all that sprouts will live. Still, I don't want 40 Adenium plants to take care of right now.

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Everyone stores seeds in a different way and it seems fairly diverse.
I store mine in the little plastic bag they usually come in, inside of a ziploc bag inside a Tupperware storage container in the crisper of my fridge.
All of my seeds of different types this way.
If you have 60 seeds, all of one species and hybrid. I would seed a portion and save the rest for later if you do not want too many.
Happy planting,

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Good to know.... I just received about 50 seeds myself and plants a little more than half.. will try storing this way.. Thanks


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Thanks for the info Rick, I'm in the same boat with 30 seeds on the way and intend to plant only about half of them...


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How long can I keep them stored? I want my first batch to flower before I plant new seeds.


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I am not sure if there is a absolute as to how long you can store the seeds.
The longer they are stored, the germination %'s can reduced.
When I got my first batch of seeds I got 6 different hybrid forms of 20 seeds each. I planted them all which was a fair number, but with all of the different variables, germination%, numbers that survive, etc. Also, knowing that they would not necessarily come true to pod or pollen parent and caudex development. I wanted to be able to keep what I could to see when I was fortunate enough to get a first bloom on seedling.

If you keep them until you get a bloom on one of the seedlings, the seed could end up being 1-2 years old.

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