Adenium obesum roots

plumygirl(9b)February 8, 2013

Found this adenium all forgotten and neglected at a nursery in Vero Beach. Look at the roots I get to play with LOL!

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That is going to be a great looking plant with the root system.
Not sure if they do the interesting root manipulation with 'Obesum's' or just Arabicums/Thai soco's.
Take a look at They have some very interesting photo's and description of training roots for a particular look.
They hang them for up to a month and the roots become more maliable and they use bamboo sticks to hold roots where they want when repotted.
Quite an art in Thailand and other countries.

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How long does it take for a root system like that to develop? I don't think I have the patience and fortitude for that kind of project but it is a curious thing.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Michelle!!!

YOU lucky gal!!!

SHe is beautiful!!!

OMG!!! Love those roots!!

Have fun!!


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Wow - a great looking set of roots!


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I had to laugh reading these messages in order.
Just my sense of humor of lack of.
Someone not into plants would think we where talking of a person.
Only Adenium aholics or plant lovers would appreciate.

By the way that is one special plant you have there.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Rick yes, I see what you mean, it does read as if a person is being described, lol! We often talk about ones good set of roots, fat bottoms etc., what are we like??

Michelle, welcome to the forum. What a find, that's a great looking plant you have there, it will be interesting to see it develop even further. How big is it, it looks HUGE? Are you planning on un-potting it to see what else lies below or have you done this already in your picture?
Gill from the UK.

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That is a super looking plant. I do envy you

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wow!!! such a great plant to work with. You have a lucky find on your hands...........

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