White bark Adenium?

54641210dFebruary 8, 2013

Take a look at this video:


The adenium this man is with has a white bark. Is it an Adenium Arabicum or Obesum? Or a different breed?

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I could not see the YouTube you speak of, but there are many of the Thai Socotranums (Arabicums) which tend to have a silver looking bark.
Mine does anyhow. Got it as a Thai Soco, but probably not a true Thai Soco.

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That's probably it. I looked it up on google and it seems about right

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Hope I was able to fix the UTube so you can click on the link. Otherwise, just copy and paste it to make it work.

Here is a link that might be useful: click here

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Thank you Neysa, The Youtube video works just fine.
I have seen this video previously and I believe that the plant he is working with is possibly an 'obesum' and the plant has been raised in subsequent years to expose the caudex.
The silver/white is what you will see as the specimen gets older and the bark becomes this color.
Love the flower on his plant.
The doubles that they are producing are amazing, but I find myself drawn to the single petalled forms. Many with the leaf type of swazicum and crispum.
Just started a bunch of single petalled and looking forward to their development.

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