Green Adenium Flower?

tedb4(11b)March 5, 2014

Hi All-

Haven't posted for a looong time, but things are slowly warming up in Abu Dhabi and my adeniums are waking up. Grew this plant from seed and it must be 2+ years old now with its first blooms and the first one is coming out green! Has anyone seen anything like this - the other buds appear to be green too�



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Hi Ted,
It has been some time. Hope life is treating you well and looking forward to seeing some of your plants.
I have seen a few photo's of a greenish bloom with other color in it. I believe it was called "Unseen Thailand" and someone listed a completely green one or more chartreuse in color.
Post a photo when they open up.
Keep well,

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Ted, so lucky....Wow...I can't wait to see it when it's fully open.

Please keep the pictures coming.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

Wow That is awesome. Defiantly do post a photo when they open. Paula

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Keeping fingers crossed,in hope it stays green! One of whites I have gets greenish with low light, but this one is way greener! Keep posting!

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would love to see how the flower turned out!

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Hi Ted,
I have seen some seed selers in ebay saying they have green adenium seeds I didn't believe so I haven bought any, I want to see it when it opens please post a picture


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Hi All-

Sorry for the delay. The flower never opened fully and I am still waiting for another to come around. It did turn a bit more yellow as it came out and here is the best picture I took...

Hopefully will load others soon...

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