My Adenium Collection

KarmaticflowMarch 8, 2014

Hello everyone.

Just thought I post a picture of all my plants. I have moved them all outside. Highs in the 70s lows in the 50s. I still haven't fed them yet. Thinking I may wait until beginning of April. But the fert. I use says start in early March. I just don't think it is warm enough yet. My collection has grown greatly since last season. At the end of last season I had 3 decent sized and 7 seedling. I lost 1 of the 3 to rot over the winter. Now I have almost 10 decent sized plants and 10 seedlings. With hopes of getting 15-25 more seedling in the next month or two. I believe in success with numbers. I will post pictures as they bloom. Hopefully I can get them to bloom all together. All different colors purples, reds, pinks, and I even believe a white or two.

I moved the 3 in 1 pot into individual pots. I did have a saucer about half way down in the mix. I just thought I might have some problems. So I repotted into much smaller pots.

Thanks for reading and responding,

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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

Very nice JR! Lovely display. Can't wait to see all of the blooms. I like the 3 in one pot, I wonder how that will work. Hopefully well, it has my brain working on something similar here.


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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

What a great collection. Looking forward to seeing them in bloom. The west coast is warming up faster than I am here in the east. LV must be a great place to grow Desert Rose. Paula

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JR, that shot is going to look great when the plants are in full, leafy glory. Well, maybe with a couple of sprawled cats added too lol


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Las Vegas is an absolutely awesome place to grow DR's. I can leave them outside pretty much all year. Atleast I did this year. I moved them to a warmer spot outside but I left them out. Only lost one. But I'm not sure that had to do with the cold. This season I built a framed canopy for that platform and will cover with double layer 6mil plastic next winter. "Greenhouse".

When I made purchase a couple weeks from They sent me 3 tiny little seedlings and I thought I would try something out. I placed a hair tie lightly around them to hold them together. Then I potted them in a 4" pot. I'm hoping the roots entangle and pretty much glcreate one plant out of the 3. But who know what will happen. One could over grow the other two and vise versa. We will see.

Thanks again for taking the time to read and respond,

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Very nice display and the three in the pot could be very interesting and who knows what you will have in a few years.
I love the figure a the front right corner (dark with gold, head on knee) of your display.
Looking forward for you blooms.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Lovely way to show your plants off...did you make the stand yourself?... It's very nice and given your climate it will look absolutely terrific when they burst into leaf...and flower! Have a great 2014 with your plants.
Gill UK

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JR, you so lucky for Las Vagas weather.


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Here are the first two blooms of the season to open. They opened a couple days ago.

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Another DR slowly opening up. Looks like a triple.

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Beautiful, would love to see the rest of your blooms.

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Here is the next one to open

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Very nice display!!!!

Beautiful blooms already...

It's been an awful winter for most of us, but yours look wonderful!



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We had a pretty bad cold spell and I brought the 3 I had into my garage. Other than that they were left on my front porch for the winter. My front porch is covered and faces west. I did lose one of the 3 big plants I had from last year. And I lost a couple seedlings. Most of my DRs were bought early this spring. Acouple of them are sunburnt. I have one that has a soft caudex but is still showing signs of healthy growth. Not sure why its soft. I water it no more or less than the others. I plan on unpotting it and taking a look this weekend. But overall the plants look and feel healthy.

What will happen to the sunburnt plants if I do nothing. We they acclimate. They both still have a nice firm caudex.


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Here is another bloom that opened today.

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