Grafting (Marie...please advise)

ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)March 29, 2014

I grafted quite a few plants last spring and surprised myself with the number of grafts that actually took. However, over the winter months a lot of the grafts have become soft and do not seem like they are going to make it.

I was taking care of the plants like I did with all my others, not watering once leafless. What did I do wrong?

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Ladylotus, sorry I didn't check GW until now.
You didn't do anything wrong...those young scions didn't make it because this past winter was so brutal.

Do grafts in June or early summer months, by December, they will be strong enough to last through the winter...even though some can't make it...

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


Thank you SO much for taking the time to respond to my question. I do not have access right now to anymore scion wood. I will remember that for future grafting.

It is so disheartening to have all this work and care turn into mush. I am trying to save the under stock by cutting off all the rotted pieces and sealing it with wood glue as Laura suggested in previous posts.

Thanks again for your time...I greatly appreciate it.

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Hello all . New to the forum and new to grafting . Searched for a couple of days and tried my first grafting today .
I did a V and a flat . And now hoping at least one survives .

ok so i have grafted scions onto branches and let one branch be there from the root stock. Is that ok ?

And I have moved my Adenium plant to a much shaded place . my main concern is ' Do i water my root stock ' ? and it yes how much and if no , till when and why should not i water ? Keen to learn more and try more . If grafts dosen't work i prune them . lalaa :P

Help me and soon i will try to post a picture of what i did to my plant.

Thanks everyone for your time and responses :)

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I would not leave any branches from the root stock. You want the entire plant to be the grafted portion. If you leave on branches from the root stock it will be the strongest and most of the energy will go into the root stock branch.

I watered mine good prior to grafting and then held off on watering until I saw leaves appear on the grafted portion.

Others might have more information to add.

Good luck.

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