Seedling repotting

kodom087 z9aMarch 20, 2014

I was repotting a few of my seedlings and decided to show of some of the roots. These are close to a year old. They were getting some light from the edge of the cup. I also have not ever trimmed the roots to these. They are all natural. I don't even think I've pinched the tops. I need to keep better notes on my stock rather than trying to remember each one.

This one suffered a little sun burn last year but has recovered quite nicely.


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What excellent pictures! Kirk, thanks for posting!

Lennie in Michigan

I'm still waiting for warmer weather to try to start my seeds.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Looking good Kirk!!!

Im Going to try my hand at cutting the base and trying some "centipede roots". I need to go back and see about the straight cut on the bottom. Did you use a sealant on the bottom after it dried for a few ?

They look so healthy!!!

Glad you had a great Birthday!!!

Take care,


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Kirk- lookin very nice and healthy. Thanks for sharing. Mine are almost a year and are not lookin half as good as yours. :/


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kodom087 z9a

Thanks, everyone!

Laura, on the one's I had cut I did not seal but if I do it again I probably will. I believe I did it like cuttings. Wiped off any bleeding, dip in rooting powder and let sit a few days. Well, the major root cuts.


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