Limbs getting soft

CoyoteMossMarch 27, 2013

I ordered a large adenium from Thailand on Ebay. It was shipped bare root. Guess it took approx. 4 weeks to arrive. The tips of the limbs were a little soft when I got it and have continued to soften to where now approx 1 inch of the limb is soft now. See no signs of new growth. The rest of the limb/plant is firm to the touch. Any thoughts on this? Does it need more water? Should I cut/remove the soft tips from the limbs?

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Hello CoyoteMoss, because of the 4 weeks travel time, your plant need times to get back it energys to be firm and healthy like a normal plant.

Keep it in the shade until new leaves come and don't water too much.
If it is my plant, I cut the limbs back and wait for new growth.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello and welcome to the forum. Marie is an expert with DR's, you only have to check out her posts to see that!She has given you sound advice. If you do cut the ends as she suggests, if you find any discolouration, make sure you cut back to white flesh, else the rot will continue to track down the branch. I think all will be well and the plant is just in will be fine I'm sure! Post a pic for us if you can...we like pics and can often advise better on seeing the plant.
Gill form the UK.

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Gill, I meant to say that in the reply, but forget...about the good Gill.

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Thank you for helping me out. Do really appreciate your response and proceeding with your advice. If you can see the marker marks on the picture this is where I started. This was a major prune to the plant and odd that only the roots in the picture needed pruning and only on one side. Will post final pic also.

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This is the after picture. Cleaned my cutters and trimmed it back as recommended. Dipped it in a fungicide and letting it sit overnight to air. Tomorrow will repot in new potting medium after cleaning the pot and dipping it. Do appreciate your help, I'm new at these type of plants and learning with your help. Really do love them a lot and think this one will be fine in the future. Again Thank!

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Is this Adenium Thai Socotranum Golden Crown and from which seller you bought it ? It seems that the roots are healthy, why did you prune it? Do not repot it, roots most dry for several days .

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Yes- Adenium Thai Socotranum Golden Crown
potently_land was the Ebay seller. Not really blaming the seller, just don't know. Could be the 3-4 week shipping?Just trying to save the plant. Learning with the help from some great people right here, which I appreciate. Will let it sit for few more days prior to potting.
Thank You Marie and Gill, the suggestion to cut it back I believe will save this plant. I thought it maybe just needed water (due to the long shipping period) and it would come back. What I cut off was not going to come back.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I would not have cut the roots back. Only the top growth and with that only the soft tissue. I hope your plant survives. Good luck. It sure looks like a beauty you bought. :)

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Coyote, wow, I had no idea you were going to cut off that much...I think you really do need to get in touch with the seller if there was soft/rotted tissue that far back. I guess it was not a cheap plant either as TSGCrowns are fab plants.
Was there a prob with the roots as I saw no mention of that in your original post? If not, why were they cut too?
How long have you had it for? I do wish you had posted a pic of it as I suggested, not that it would have helped if the sunken areas had spread back so much, but it's always best to show exactly what you are planning to do before it's done. As I said it may not have had a bearing on the resulting necessary chop, but anyway, it is done, so I really hope it will grow away for you now.
Please keep us posted on it's progress, in the maeantime contact that seller you have nothing to lose by doing so, good luck :)
Gill from the UK.

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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

Your adenium was very nice. I think it might be too late to cantact the seller if you have already given them a postive feedback and you didn't let them know the extend of the damage upon arrival or few days after receipt of plant. Some buyers will actually tell you what to do to minimize any further damage as well as give you a full or partial refund if you let them know before feedback.

Furthermore,this forum has a lot of experts (I'm not one of them) and I value their opinions.I'm new to adeniums (and learning) but I also collect haworthias and gasterias for the past few years. Root pruning is hard on some plants, especially if extensive. Letting it dry for few days to prevent further rot as advised earlier will be the best. I hope your plant will do well for you ( I cheering for it :). It will take a lot of TLC, well draining/gritty soil mix to prevent further root loss and lots of patience. Best wishes. Please keep us posted

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I've had it about 2 weeks. It was shipped bare root. When I received it, I noted the limbs were shriveled and two of the roots felt soft. I attributed this to lack of water. Planted it same day in 1 part Miracle Gro cactus mix, 1 part perlite and 1 part really small stone - like you put on the top of potted plants. Marble chips in the bottom of the pot. Soaked it. Placed it in the greenhouse, full sun, no shade cloth. Next week soil was dry, but plant was same- so watered again and moved to area with more shade. After the second week, thought I might should seek help.
Everything I cut off was brown-rotting moist flesh. Hated to cut the roots, but did not want to put rotting roots back into the soil. Purchased it because of the limbs and roots, but a lot of it's beauty is now in the trash. Just trying to keep it alive now. Hoping with some TLC that it will survive.
Really appreciate all your comments and advice. Sincerely, Thank You!

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Coyote, after it calluses/dries at the cuts and you plant it up...begin by watering it sparingly. Too much water is going to cause the plant to begin rotting again.

Also, since your plant will be working hard to heal itself, do NOT fertilize it for some time. Wait until you see it putting on some serious leaves etc.

Do not place the plant in full direct sun. I would find a partially shaded area.

I think you will be able to get it back to a healthy plant. It is just going to take a lot of patience and a VERY close eye on your plant to watch for any further rot. Watering will be the key...not too much until the plant really begins to grow again.

Good luck!

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Coyote, if I was you. I want my money back....It was terrible condition. I didn't know it was that bad, I thought only few branches got rot during shipping.
I only hope plant survices for you....good luck.

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I am with Mary on the asking money back or atleast a replacement of same.
Sometimes you can send a photo (photo of before you pruned it) to the seller and they might replace it. Note to them about dark and shrunk and dried up branches and roots. It is worth a try.
With the plant in hand. From what I was told with one particular plant that I have. Was to soak in super thrive, you have soaked so I do not know if I would redo. Plant it up into a gritty mix and keep in shaded or filtered light situation until it shows growth, then slowly move into morning or late afternoon sun. Do not water in after transplanting for 3-4 days, then water through until comes out bottom. Won't water again until it dries back.
What a beautiful plant you had and I can understand you wanting it. I can only imagine your disappointment. Hope all goes well. They seem to be quite resilient.
I am told that with these Adeniums that they become soft and then softer when they are hung (as they do at Adeniumsindia) for up to a month. They do not dry and wither as many other genus do. They may after a very long time.
With your plant drying and shriveling might be a selling point to seller.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


How is this adenium doing for you? Did it bounce back well? I keep thinking about this beautiful plant an am hoping it is doing well for you and you were able to remove all the rot.

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Thanks for asking. Pronouncing it dead. Still have it on the greenhouse potting bench, but no confidence it will live. It continues to rot from within. Picture not real good but I post this as it seems odd. When I trim back slightly, the center is rotting but the bark is green. Details ��" since cutting back it has been in perlite only and watered very little (once a week). Limited sun light.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Coyote, I am so sorry to hear that your plant is doing poorly. Once they start rotting it is very difficult to stop them. Although the photo is a bit blurry, I can see the rot and it does not look good. At least you gave it a good shot in trying to revive your plant. Sorry it did not pan out for you.

I hope you will try another Adenium. They truly are amazing plants.

Thanks for posting your results.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Wow, I too am sorry to read your plant is no longer alive. What a real shame that is as it was stunning. I do hope you have contacted the seller if only to tell them what has happened...they really do need to know there has been a problem. I guess the plant was not cheap either.
Gill UK

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your problem was almost surely a combination of time and temperature in transit.

drop me a line if you'd like to get a domestic replacement.

i've got a huge collection of arabicum and thai soco.

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