To All Adenium experts

radovanMarch 2, 2013

To all of you who are following adenium soil mix recepies how fast are your Adeniums growing. For example : adeniums 2 to 3 year old how big are they.

example: Gritty Mix did it speed up adenium growth or just it's adenium survival soil mix.

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I am not an expert only an avid Adenium lover and enthusiast.
My oldest seedlings are 12 - 18 mths. old. They very alot which is what I expected. They vary from 8"-12" and most of the shorter ones have the largest caudex starting.
The Gritty Mix, Al's and many of the Adenium Group mixes are all similar with differences depending on what everyone has available to them.
The Gritty Mix used I would not say is expected to speed up growth rate.
It would depend on what you used to fertilize them with and the conditions given for growing.
I have mine under cover in full sun. Then I can control their watering.
I would say it is a survival soil, because it gives these plants what is needed for them to thrive and keep healthy.
My thoughts,
Happy growing

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Hi peeps can you please enlighten me
Ive been watching a video on youtube where a lady is potting up a dr. She placed what appeared to be a round plastic disc under the plant. What is the purpose of this? Is it to encourage the roots to grow outwards rather than downwards?. I couldnt understand the language so I was left a wee bit mystified
Thanks again x

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I've heard of people placing bowls under adeniums when repotting, to encourage the roots to grow up and surface out of the soil.

But I'm not sure what a flat circle would do in that case. Maybe if you link us the video, we can figure out what's going on.


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Hi Rick, I do not know is yours bigger than mine because I did not use any mix, or is mine bigger than yours because I used just cow manure. I did not have any other soil at hand and/or I was to lazy to do proper work.
Regardless of mix mine is growing and I hope it stays healthy.
Best wishes Radovan

**** I would like to get arabicum one but in my place it's impossible unless I go on ebay

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averil and josette,
I have watched this YouTube video also and I do believe it is to have the roots grow out and then downwards for future appearance when it is lifted.
They my even redo with a larger piece?
I know that they hang them in India and possibly other countries for up to a month so the roots become workable (pliable). All of the feeder roots are removed and just the haddock roots remaining.

I think that what you use is relevant to where we live and the conditions that our Adeniums receive. Whether they are outside in the elements or under cover.
Growers in India use coarse river sand and composted manure. A lot of the Australian growers use coarse river sand, quincan and aged chook manure.
If yours works for you then that is all that matters.

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cro_smokva(5 Hamilton)

Has your email address changed?
Please email me a test message at

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