Adeniums waking up

kodom087 z9aMarch 10, 2014

Well, the other day I spent some time trimming off a few rotted branches on about 5 adeniums. Taking inventory of what young seedlings I lost. Repotted a couple of my older seedlings as well. I noticed that several in my collection are starting to wake up.

Today, while in the garage, I noticed that my ultimate favorite...Rik Ni already putting out clusters of bloom buds. So I had to make the choice to move a few of them outside to get more light. I don't want to lose those beautiful blooms! Guess I'll be spending the next few weeks moving them in and out of the garage when temps get what I feel will be to low for them to handle. Oh the joys! LOL

I'm just glad we're starting to have more warmer days than cooler days. I need to start planing how I want them in the yard and then how I'm going to store them this winter. The garage was crowded without having shelves to put them on.

Any one else in the lower states seeing signs of adenium spring cheer?


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kodom087 z9a

A picture as a reminder.


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Kirk! My Rik Ni Ran never went dormant indoors and look at what she's doing now. It hasn't even stopped going below zero outside (celsius, that is).

I'm not terribly optimistic about these buds but who knows? Fingers crossed....

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kodom087 z9a

That's great! Perhaps you won't lose the buds at all. Can't wait to see pics if/when they open!


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ginger9899(10 SW Florida)

I have some nice blooms here myself :)


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Kirk and Heather, I am jealous of you guys.

My plants still dry and waiting to be outside.

Maybe this weekend.


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