How old could my adenium be, it hasn't branched

katsols(7b)March 3, 2013

I bought this adenium last year and the caudex is still kinda small but it's one single branch expanded. I was wondering how old it could be and when will it start banching out and perhaps flowering?
This is it now

This is when i got it

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When did you get it? To compare date of first and second photo's from purchase to present.
Is it in full light most of the day?
It would definitely branch out after pruning when starting into full growth.
Does not look that old for size in second photo, so could be that you might see a flower this summer.

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During summer it was in full sun, right now i have it by a bright window that only gets sunlight around 4pm and i have a grow light on top of that.
How should i prune? should i pinch the young leaf tips at the top? i hope i don't mess up its growth by doing so.
I got it around may or june in 2012, i remember wearing a light sweater.

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I would leave the pruning for now and see what you get when it gets some good sun this spring and see if there are signs of flower buds. The pruning can be done at any time through the growing season.
It could also be that it is not mature enough.
Let's see what others advise.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Katsols and welcome to the forum.

Have you read MRIguys post on a similarly tall and lanky adenium that he hard pruned a few weeks ago?..its interesting to see it's progress since then....see the link I've added. Now I know we suggested he cut it back rather hard, I don't know if I'd be brave enough to suggest this a second time for your plant....would it work? My guess is.... it would. Personally, I would have pinched the top out when you got it at that much shorter stage, but again, that's my opinion.
Rick is right in saying it may not yet be mature enough to flower, its growth has been rather rapid to get to that height from June. Did it grow during winter? If you leave it and it does not bud, then you may then be best placed to decide what to do. Yes, It will certainly mess with its growth if you prune it hard, as just pinching out the tip would not make it into a strongly growing plant with a fat caudex, but I realise you may not want that particular feature. It's all down to personal choice again. Hope all goes well whichever you decide to do, keep us posted please :)
Gill from the UK.

Here is a link that might be useful: tall DR given the chop

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I think your right greenclaws i have this other adenium about 3 years old and you can see a little stump right in the middle of it, looks like someone cut the main branch real low and then it produced more separare branches... maybe i can cut it half way and leave a couple of leaves?

I would also like for my caudex to fatten as well. I don't know when's the best time to do the cutting.. It did grow during the winter, it's a very vigorous grower this one! my second adenium lost all it's leaves and this one just kept going on and on, it was in not so great condition when i got it.

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