Cold snaps

kodom087 z9aMarch 24, 2013

Stumbled on this meme while reading random blog about this person's experience with adeniums. Guess they made it about every time they move the adenium it sheds it's leaves. But for me this is exactly what comes to my mind for adeniums every time we have a cold snap.


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Kirk, your plant looks very good. Leaves come out again soon.

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LOL! They need a break, too, I guess.

I had one that kept its beautiful, thick, glossy leaves all winter, then as soon as I put it outside last week we had a cold snap and now it's dropping them. Oh, pooh.

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kodom087 z9a

It will quickly recover. As much as I want the cold snaps to stop I kind of really don't want them to. That will mean we will have about 4 days of 70's then it will jump to the 90's and above. We don't really have a good Spring season. It's either hot or cold. Got to love our Texas weather.


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