Adenium hard prune for 2013

ltran54(9)March 25, 2013

I brought out all my plants on March 23 and tonight I am about to post this thread and when I log in, I saw Rick already brought up my hard prune from last year. I lost a few after this winter just like verybody else.
Most of my small pots were from seeds and will be use for graft this summer.

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

Wow! i really am very jealous of your collection! You do so well with them. Stunning really :)

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Those are absolutely beautiful. I love your beige pots with the scrolling on them. The plants in them help make the visual experience rather marvelous, I say.
I have a plant that I want to prune. It never lost all of it's leaves. If I prune it, I do not need to strip all of the lower leaves off? Or is it best to?

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Rick, thank you for your kind words.
I don't strip any leaves off. Most of them felt off during winter or got cut off at prune time.


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Marie exelent collection you have there. I really liked the one that lay almost horizontal in a flat pot. looks like a very good material for creating a cuscade effect. What do you think.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Fantastic usual Marie! How many have you actually got?
Gill from the UK.

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kodom087 z9a

They all look great, Marie! Doesn't seem like you lost any over the winter.


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Thank you Souradeep, Gill and Kirk.

Souradeep, I bought that pot kinda laying down, so I trained it that way.

Gill, do you want me to count? Big and small? About 103 but 60 pots are from seeds.

Kirk, yes I lost a few. I brought them out in mid Feb. but kept them in my patio. I went away for 3 weeks and Houston got a cold front during that time and I lost about 5-6 when I got back.

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We await with you for your beautiful flowers Marie. Your plants without leaves are still more beautiful than mine.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Well Marie, I didn't realise you had so many, they are truly amazing with such wonderful complex shapes. They really do look as though they have been twisted and knotted!
I vote that you have won the medal for the greatest collection of DR's, and also one for the best array of lovely pots too. Well done!
Gill from the UK.

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Marie, you have nice collection of adeniums. Do you have Adeniums Thai Socotranum or Adeniums Thai Arabicum plants ?

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My Goodness! I think I may be suffering from DR envy! What a beautiful amount of DRs you have!

I only learned about DRs last summer, and bought one to give to a friend for part of her birthday gift (June Birthday - and she has a deck that gets lots of full sun so she could appreciate blooms all summer long) - and by the end of the summer, I finally decided it was time to get one for me. So, I found one in october that wasn't in flower - and, brought it home ... and soon after it went into dormancy. This past month, her leaves have all come back and I hope to know what color flowers she'll have. I'm not expecting much since she was a Home-Depot find. Pink? Red? ... It'll be a joy to see, whatever the color.

And, a week ago, I got my second DR from Logee's. And was surprised that the leaves looked quite different from the Home Depot ones that my friend and I have. the leaves look long and almost evergreenish. I never realized that there would be a variety in leaf type in this type of plant.

So, now I'm stuck in a bit of a quandry. (it's in a small 4" pot) - should I be transplanting it now? or waiting? It doesn't seem to be bouncing back very quickly from the shipping process. The leaves still seem a bit dry and warped (as of this morning, two weeks later) - Maybe she's not getting enough sun still? I'm in New England, and until I can get some of my potted plants outside (need to wait another month) - I'm a bit space challenged for spots in the south windows.

Anyway, I'm envious of all the great Adeniums your showing here. I may be visiting a bit in effort to figure out what I should be doing with mine since this will be my first growing season (watching 2 coming out of dormancy).

I'm impressed by some of the babies posted on this website. How do I get mine to seed so I can try planting my own? :)

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

Marie, I really love your collection of Adeniums. You really have done a wonderful job with your plants. I keep coming to this post and looking at your beautiful plants. Thank you for sharing your photos.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hello Rose, and a welcome. I'm sorry that you have not yet had a reply to your post, even though it is early days...but I hope you don't mind my following suggestion. As you have asked several questions and this thread is about a different subject, I feel that you would be better copying/pasting it to a new thread of it's own rather than tagging onto another thread.That way people will be more likely to respond to you and you will get the answers you seek....usually!!
I think you may well be able to delete the post using the edit facility located above the time the post was added by you. You could write that you have re-posted it separately. Just a thought anyway!
Hope you get some answers and look forward to seeing you here again :)
Gill from the UK.

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Magnificent collection! I am jealous for sure. I only have one and am having a hard time getting the leaves to stay on. They fall off after a week or two, and then begin to grow again. When I figure it out I plan on expanding rapidly.

Happy Growing..

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Gill, yes, I have a bad habit of adding on to the end of conversations and changing topics... I think I may have ADD tendancies. (or other it's all about me, and it's selfish tendancies... ) either way, I'm Bad. :)

and it all began with me feeling envious. I may be asking for pruning advice any time now.

Should I just cut the top off and shrink the DR a bit? will that cause the caudex to thicken? :)

See - have a hard time staying on track.

:) Happy weekend, folks.


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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Rose, I just wanted you to get the best from the forum and still think that is the way to go. It is easy to get the threads to wander off their original topic, and I will admit to having done it myself (and I think we have all done it too!!)...and I've then wondered why I didn't get the replies I needed as if folks do what I sometimes do...which is to look at the threads title and if it does not interest me or I know I won't be able to contribute, I then ignore it, then the poster doesn't get an appropriate answer....simples!! lol!!
Cutting the top off has worked for a few other ppl, resulting in new branches forming. Whether they will get those caudexes to swell, only time will tell I guess.
I have no idea what kind your plant is, the leaves are so very thin....but I would still go ahead and start another thread!!
Gill from the UK.

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