Seedling Update

JGW3(7)April 29, 2013

Sorry this is going to be 2 posts long!

Would like to hear how everyone else's seedlings are doing as well.

Here is the seedlings at about 10 or 12 days old.


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Here they are today or about 24 days into it. I don't know for sure I didn't mark the calendar. The bigger ones are getting ready to send out 2nd set of leaves. The one with a single leaf is also getting ready to send out a second set. I have one in the middle my 4 year old son was "petting" and knocked out of the soil, I will have to wait and see how that one is going to do.


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They look so green and healthy, GREAT JOB!!! I had to laugh about your son "petting" the seedling LOL!!! Looks like it will recover nicely. keep us updated on your progress!

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greenclaws UKzone8a

John, they look very green and healthy, just make sure they get plenty of light to try and keep them compact. I'm sure the up-rooted seedling will be fine, they are quite tough really...but as its such a new seedling it's roots are very fine so lets just hope been it's not damaged then all should be well.
Gill UK

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