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roseyd(6)April 2, 2013

I have 2, I first learned about adenium last summer, and bought one for a friend, and after seeing hers bloom all summer, I bought one for me right before it lost all its leaves and went dormant.

She's now growing all her leaves back and she's very pretty - Don't ask me what color she'll bloom - because I don't know. She was from Home-Depot and she seems very happy under a plant light. And she's become very tall waiting for spring.

I wonder if I should be cutting her down to size, or if she's on the way to becoming leggy?

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and, this is my second one, which I bought about a month ago and had it shipped to me.

She's got very strange leaves and they feel very course like an evergreen. Supposedly, her flower is a red/white mix - I'm looking forward to seeing that, too.

She's very tall - and, In reading some of the posts around here, I'm thinking she could use to lose about 6 inches - so that she might branch out more?

I'm feeling very uncertain about cutting off the two branches though, because I worry about the cut itself, will she bleed? What if she doesn't recover from it?

Anyway, I'm really new to this type of plant and I don't want to learn from making a mistake so severe that I kill either of them.

The second one, is also still in the logees pot, and I feel like she should be transplanted soon. How much larger a pot should I increase to?

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Here's a close-up of the way the second one branches - it just doesn't seem to be doing it very prettily. I'm wondering how/where to cut to improve how the regrowth would occur?

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You prune as shown.

Your adenium from Logee, what name it has on the tag?

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the logee adenium - "flower language", it's an obesum - thank goodness for tags.

Home depot never offers them, but they're a wonderful thing.

I'll start trimming per your advice on the weekend.

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the last picture is a grafted plants with four visible growths coming off the rootstock.
i'd suggest removing all growth below the graft to preserve the select variety.


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Sorry,I didn't notice the grafted union . Roseyd ,for the second picture prune as shown.

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that's going to be one branchless Adenium if I cut off all those branches... but ok. :)

Makes one wonder what the root stock flowers look like, though, that they'd graph onto it and give up on that other "type"?

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Rootstock is most assuredly pink. I think that letting sprouts grow from the rootstock might well siphon energy from the graft. Many grafts aren't fantastically strong, at least for the first few years, sometimes.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Rosey!

I also think you should trim yours back as well.. It seems hard to do, but they will back bud for you and become fuller trees. I also would cut the limbs below the graft .

When I do cut the branches, I also put on the ends some waterproof wood glue to prevent any water or damage from rot getting into the branches. You can find this waterproof wood glue at Lowes in the paint section. Just wait an hour after cutting and then apply to the ends to seal them.

They are beautiful..



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And remember that the sap is poisonous. If you get it on you, wash it off.


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Rosey, your adenium Flower Language isn't Adenium obesum,but Adenium Somalense . It has thin leaves.

If you decided to repot your adeniums, view the link below and see the pots and mixture that Laura used.
Here is a link that might be useful:Al's gritty mix

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wood glue, and poison - got it!

Ok, be extra careful with branches so that cats dont eat them.

and yes, that's my plant (or at least the leaves ... of it) Hope It'll grow that many flowers! :)

I admit I'm nervous to cut them. Just like cutting a bonsai - if I cut wrong - will the plant be ugly? ... so yes, I'm glad for all the advice on where to cut. It'd be exhausting if I had to figure it out myself. :)

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An update of sorts.

about a month ago, I bought the wood glue and did the plant cuts that had been suggested. I have both pots in a southfacing window and they still look like they are dormant - no leaves, no new stem growth - they're taking their sweet old time.

I'd thrown out the cuttings, and then a few days later - read that someone on here used cuttings to begin new plants - so, I dug the bag out of the trash (which wasn't hard because I'd thrown it in the bathroom.)

And stuck 4 of the cut limbs into growth hormone and into various pots of soil that were already holding other plants. I felt like it wouldn't hurt to experiment.

So, of those 4, 3 have withered. But one! - still is holding on. I hadn't removed all its leaves, it has one large leaf, and one tiny leaf - and she looks healthy for not having roots. (at least I don't think she has roots - I haven't checked)

Now the interesting thing about this one branch, is that I remember it growing from the caudex below the graft line - so, if it really does survive this whole event - maybe I'll see what the original plant flowers would have looked like.

Anyway - it's not the most exciting update in the world - but for me - this is my first attempt at using Adenium cuttings - and, I'm pretty happy that it hasn't failed (yet).

Time will tell.

Beautiful day, and it's Friday. :) TGIF! :)

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roseyd: Did the plant flower?
Sorry if I missed your update. I am reading old post (being a newbie) trying to learn as much as possible. Please point me to your update if you have done so in a new thread.
""Now the interesting thing about this one branch, is that I remember it growing from the caudex below the graft line"" This just proofs how strong a plant the root stock is.

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