seedlings stem turning brownish

Egr403April 17, 2014

Hi there Adenium lovers :)
I'm new here, so nice to E-meet you all :)
I'm Elad from Israel, and I'm a little bit concerned about my Adenium seedlings,
now a little under a month old, still sitting in their original sowing flats and starting to get full Israeli spring sun, but under a 50% shade net.
They're getting a daily watering (although sparingly, just for a little bit mist. the medium is getting dry really fast).

My concern is a brownish coloration some of them (just a few) are showing lately. not a positive sign, I'm afraid.

I'd really appreciate it if anyone could share his opinion -
Too much sun?
it's getting around 25C at day and around 15C at night (some warmer nights I keep them out, some I take them in).

Photo attached. Hope it's clear enough.
Thanks Again.

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On the contrary, Elad--that is a very positive sign! Your seedlings are perfectly fine--that transition from bright sparkly green to sometimes reddish then to brown is normal. It happens when the skin on the trunk starts to mature.

Over-exposure to the sun normally shows up as a kind of blanching on the leaves. My sister grows them where daytime temperatures go up to around 36C, full sun, in high summer. I don't think that's even close to the extremes they have to put up with in the wild. I once felt 44C in Phoenix and that was very ouch!

Congrats, you'll have a forest of these things pretty soon.


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Hi Pagan,
I'm terribly sorry for the late reply...
Thanks for your comment!
You are absolutely right, of course :)
My seedlings are now looking great, about a month and a half old, most have 2nd and 3rd set of leaves, and are ready to relocate soon to their new home out of the 2cm cup they're in now.
Will keep updating :)

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