Repotted my Lowe's DR. (big pics)

dragonstoneApril 4, 2013

I hope I did it right... After doing a lot of research on the gritty mix and picking up the substituted parts, I repotted it!

This is what it looked like before:

And then when I removed the soil:
(One side)

(Other side)

And then after I potted it:
(One side)

(Other side)

It was suggested to me to remove that knot of root that stuck out on one side but I decided not to, mostly because it was way too big and I have no idea what it'll do to the plant? And it might add character to the plant down the road.

Also, while I was removing the dirt, I noticed the little leaf at the top had turned yellow while some of the other leaves had black edges? Which I didn't see in the first photo I took of it. Should I be concerned or is this the plant trying to adjust to its new surroundings?

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Well done, do not worry about leaves, you can trim the leaves with black edges .

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Wow - you did a great job! It is my humble opinion that the best part of a store-bought Adenium always lies under the soil. That's a beautiful caudex - and a happy plant!


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Well done and great pot.....beautiful.

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kodom087 z9a

That's a nice adenium. Great job!


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Woohoo! Thank you all :) I was really nervous about removing all the dirt. Never done that before. hehe.

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Wasn't that coconut coir a chore to wash off? It took me about 7 pans full of water to get most of it off! Nice job!

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Oh, man, yes! I had to keep emptying the pail and refilling it. That stuff loved to stick right back onto the plant every time I tried to swish 'em off in the water. :O

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Really nice job. I think it looks much better after you raised it up. Some of it's beauty was hidden, The pot is really nice. That is something I need to invest in soon. Thanks for posting - beautiful plant.

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Well done! Beautiful pot and very nice looking plant!

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia


Don't worry about the yellowing leaves.. It is just adjusting to the repotting.

I loved how you showed the different sides of this great DR.

Your container is quite lovely as well ,

Pretty work!


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Many thanks. :) It still seems to be doing fine today even though there's no new growth yet, but I know that takes plenty of time after being repotted.

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