Repotting But Roots Are CRAZY Mess

Marge12345April 27, 2013

Hi all,

This is about the guy that I hacked away a few weeks ago and everyone told me to be patient and it would put out leaves. Well it did and I posted pics a few days ago. Today I repotted it into a rounder but shorter pot and when I eventually got the darn thing out of the pot it was a mess of roots. I didn't want to cut the roots so I cleaned off the old soil and put the whole thing into the new pot with new cactus type soil. My question is - is it all right to leave the caudex so exposed? I had to lift to expose several inches of it to get it into the pot. You can see by the diff. color which is the new part of the caudex being exposed. Also a bunch of the roots are exposed and I don't know what to do about them - should they be cut? It is in the shade now but when can I put it in the sun?

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Hi Marge,
I would think with you in Zone10 that you should acclimatize the roots to the sun slowly and once it is in full sun all the day. Leave in same position and do not turn around or you could burn caudex. The fine roots will be fine. Some remove them.

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