Runty seedlings

haworthia_hoarder(5)April 2, 2013

I sowed some open pollinated Adenium seeds last Nov. They were all planted 1 seed per cell in the same medium, received the same amount of light and watered at the same time. All seeds sprouted with in days of each other. The vast majority of the seedlings grew quickly but a handful did not. Towards the end of January the majority of the seedlings out grew their cells they were moved to plastic cups but the runty seedlings have yet to outgrow the cells. Below is a picture I took today to show the size difference. I am curious to know why this happened. Is it genetics or is there some other reason?

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Haworthia, every one of us who grow adenium seeds have the same problem. Very big different once in awhile, but most of them are growing at the same size.

I also had this happened to me too.


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Your runts are 3 times larger than mine, and about the same age. Wanna trade??? Can't figure out why they refuse to grow.


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"The difference between growing plants from seed and growing plants from cuttings is genetic variation. Cuttings are identical genetic clones of the parent plant because this is vegetative, or asexual reproduction, as genes only come from one parent. Seeds can produce plants that are different from the parent plants because seeds are produced by sexual reproduction, they receive genes from a male and female to form. As they are a cross from two sets of genes."

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I have begun discarding the runts. Some get to 6 months old and still look like 2 month old seedlings, but use up my space, light and resources along the way. I've come to the conclusion that it is much better to use those resources to get a new batch of seeds, grow them out and pick out the strong ones from those. Never had a runt turn into a good looking plant either...

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sbrow156(Cairns QLD Australia)

I got a few runts from my lot...i will give them to the school fetes when they come around this year. Hopefully someone will love them :P I think my original one i bought from a fete was a runt as its still so small. My seedlings are overtaking it. I refuse to give up on him though coz he was my first.

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