Grafted Adenium.... Graft-Failures, and, Virused Plants

BronxFigsApril 22, 2012

Any truth that grafted Adenium are prone to graft-union failures?

Also read that many imported plants carry virus, and are infected. Is this a concern?

Hope to read some opinions.

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We (my friends and I) ordered 55 plants from Thailand in the summer of 2010. We didn't see any virus or infected of any kind. I ordered 9 for myself and 5 still with me today.
Only they were smaller than I expected.

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I have looked at all the posted photos of the Adenium that forum members are growing. The plants are all beautiful...but everyone of the GRAFTED plants show disgusting, unsightly graft-unions that will show for years to come. Is this what Adenium growers expect from producers? Is there no better way to mate two different varieties, so that the graft unions are not so obvious? There isn't even an attempt on the part of the grafter, to match diameters of grafted stems to the under-stock! They all look like hack-jobs to my eye.

Adenium growers should demand that grafting techniques be improved. Folks...the grafted plants are ugly.

Yet another demerit for the Adenium... No true seeds, no rooted cuttings with caudex, spider-mite infestations, named varieties must be grafted.

Still like the plants, but this situation needs to be improved.

My opinion.


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