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birdsnbloomsApril 5, 2013


For those of you who remember me, long time no see.

I'm like Adeniums...dormant in winter. :)

I have a few questions.

Normally, my largest Adeniums are over-wintered directly before west windows.
Last autumn, after spending summer outdoors, Adeniums were set further away from west exposure.

Now that daylight is longer AND brighter, should Adeniums be placed in brighter light automatically, or do they need acclimating?

What's the lowest temps they'll thrive in?
I'm in IL, so temps fluctuate.
Next weeks temps are supposed to be high 60's during the day, 40F nights.
Is 40 too cold?

Fertilizing. Too soon to fertilizer? Should I wait a little longer?

Repotting. Four Adeniums have been in the same containers for years.
Do Adeniums prefer shallow or long containers?
I'd like the base to be seen.

Adeniums are pretty root bound. If too root bound, will leaves grow smaller? And chance of a flower-less summer?

Sorry for all the questions, thanks in advance. Toni

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If they have been receiving some light and are indoors. I would put them into bright light and water if they need it.
That said, if you are going to repot. You should do this now prior to them leafing out again and hold back on the watering for a couple days. Then water in and place in bright light. I would not fertilize until they come into good growth.
I do not believe you should put them out until you have min. temps. outside 60F or better night and day.
I do not do Bonsai's, so I cannot comment.
I would pot up and raise slightly to expose some root (caudex) if it has been a few years since last. I like them to be potted so that the plant looks balanced in the pot, so not to look top heavy.

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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)

I can answer a few of your questions.

Coolest temps adeniums survive in. When dormant they can take cooler temps because you are not watering them. I keep mine in a greenhouse that gets down to 40's in the evenings and they survive. BUT to thrive I would say 50's are the lowest temps once they begin growing leaves.

Fertilizing - I fertilize mine as soon as I begin seeing new growth. I use a week fertilizer every time I water until they begin going dormant again.

Containers - People use the shallow containers to push the roots into a more compact form giving the beautiful twisted, gnarly look.

Moving adeniums into full sun - I would gradually acclimate the plants into the full sun so that you do not add any sun damage spots on the caudex or burn the newly growing leaves.

Hopefully others will provide their input also. Good luck with your adeniums.

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Hi Toni, as you say, long time no see so great to have you back here again!
Think you have got some sound advice above, but please come back if you need to know more obviously. We have some great folks on here who are always willing to help others.
Gill from the UK.

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hopefulauthor - that name interests me as I am a published author. Has your dream come true?


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First, thanks for everyone's replies.

Rick, our temps are far from 60F nights..Heck, it can snow as late as May.

My larger Adeniums were getting some light, including artificial.
West and north windows.

One problem is finding the right pots. Unless I order online, finding certain sizes and shaped containers are a challenge.

Most green houses here closed their doors. HD sells ceramic, 'not interested.'

If Adeniums are potted in larger containers, will they grow taller?

Lady...What type of fertilizer do you use?
I usually fertilize with Fish Emulsion..Adeniums flowered, but I wonder if they'll have more and longer-lasting blooms if another type is used.

Hey Gill...yep, I was given great advice..Guess I'm expecting a miracle though..lol.

How you doing?

During winter, guess you can say I hide in a shell..very seldom do I get online.

I have quite a few questions to ask, but will save them for later..I'm concerned about my larger Adeniums..
The younger Adeniums definately need larger pots.

Scott. Congrats on your success.

As to your question...years ago, I wrote two manuscripts, but didn't have high expectations.
I submitted the first manuscript to a few agents with negative results.
Thankfully, most 'rejection' letters were hand-written instead of generic form letters.
Still, I don't fare well when it comes to rejection, so I gave up.
When I got my first computer, I was asked to choose a screen name. After hundreds, lol, of that name is taken, the title hopefulauthor came to mind.
That's my story..:)

But, I'm really happy you made it.
If you don't mind me asking, which genre? Toni

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Hello Toni - and thanks. The book is entitled "The Grove St. Chronicles: Growing up in the 60's without the internet" and you can preview it on Amazon.com. It is sold all over the internet by book suppliers as well as local book stores here in town. Paragraph 2 of the Introduction will explain why I felt compelled to write it.

And now - back to our Adeniums!


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Hi Scott,

Sorry I haven't replied sooner, but I've been watching the news, 'depressing as it is,' day and night.

I went to Amazon to check out your book. Sounds very entertaining.

Regarding the Intro...for some reason Intro will not open.
I must confess...I am curious what compelled you to write 'your' story.

The back plant room, 'besides plants, lol,' is crammed with books. 500+. I've read 90%, but still have many to go.
Mostly fiction.

I enjoy biography's, too. I'm reading a non-fiction book called Shout! by Philip Norman.
Story about The Beatle's, (childhood,) before fame, through good and bad times, until the tragic deaths of John Lennon and George Harrison.

Will not promise.seems whenever I make a promise, something goes wrong, but 'perhaps' I'll add The Grove St. Chronicles to my collection.

Now, back to Adeniums :)

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