DR's Leaves Falling by Spider Web

MyLan153(5)April 16, 2013

My DR had some very thin spider-web those caused the leaves start falling. My DR has just come out of the dormant a couple of weeks ago with the new leaves, and all of a sudden the leaves are dying then dropped. Please let me know how to treat this disease,I'm afraid that my DR will die.

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If it is spider mites. I have wiped the plant down with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol) and I have used an insecticidal soap, one that is recommended for spider mites. They are a contact insecticide and have to contact the insect in question. I spray on and leave for an hour, then rinse off with plain water. Found that the Adeniums can be sensitive to many topical agents.
If it has lost all of it's leaves then no worries about it effecting it's leaves.
Best to check other plants in close proximity to your Adeniums for same insect.

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I'm going to get the rubbing alcohol and wipe them off. Should I rinse the plant with water after applying the rubbing? There are some leaves left on my DR.
Thanks Rich.

PS: If anyone have other ways, please advice. Thanks.

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Hello Mylan, I mix 3 table spoons of dish soap with a gallon of water, spray on them after sun goes down. Spray again next morning before the sun comes up. (no direct sun). It should take care the problem, if not, repeat once again. Good luck.

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Thanks Rick and Marie----I needed these information as well, I just keep forgetting to ask about repeat application and whether it was the soap spray that turned some of my seedlings' leaves yellow.

I didn't even really see critters in my plants, I just had an attack of random paranoia. My precioussss.


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I mixed rubbing alcohol and water, 1:1, and sprayed on the leaves and stems yesterday evening and again early this morning.

Hope it would get rid of these spider mites, otherwise I will try the mixture of dish soap and water.

Marie and Rich, thank you so much for your information and knowledge of DR.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Thanks for the advice mylan on my post

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