kodom087 z9aApril 1, 2013

Looks like my Rik Ni Ran has a virus. Not happy about it but guess it doesn't hurt the DR much if at all. Just makes the leaves look...ugly. From all my reading that this is a common issue since they don't sterilize all their tools during grafting. Anyone else have any that are infected that have any tips or suggestions? I was planning on making grafts from this plant but not sure I want to now. Don't think anyone would want to trade grafts knowing it's infected.


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No advise here. Just commiserating. I thought that was a feature, not a bug. In fact, I might just stick to that story and declare it my variegated Rik Ni Ran.


PS That be a cat fur on your plant.

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kodom087 z9a

I'd go with variegated as well, I suppose. And yes, that'd be fur from the orange cat and not the tortoise colored cat. Good eye! LOL


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reckon you should get a hand lens and see if you've got a spider mite infestation before you assume virus.

just a thought.

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kodom087 z9a

I've looked. No mites. What little web you see right now is from when I brought my plant into the garage for a couple of nights when our temps dipped down into the mid 40's last wee and a common house spider was on it and had a web from it to the wall. I just haven't cleaned the leaves yet.


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not to be argumentative Kirk, but i think you should take another look and treat for both spider and micro mites.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kirk,

I would also agree about the spidermites. I looked closely at the pic and it looks like more than webbing from a single spider. This could be good news.. It might not be a virus and just mites. You could treat and probably lose the leaves, but then you will know. I would rather lose the leaves from mites.... They will grow back quickly. ;-)

You still have one of the crosses from Mark with your name on it. Once it gets warm outside I will send you the cross that you wanted. Just email me the one you wanted and your address!



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Just to get this straight---this is the kind of damage spider mites cause? I can not find an image on the web of spidermite damage on adeniums just so I have an idea of what it does.

The speckles on the leaves are not spots that turn yellow then brown, indicating trauma of some sort. They appear to be actual variations in the pigmentation of the leaves which are otherwise very healthy. All the leaves on my plant have them--light green speckles in dark green.

I see no webs on mine, no specs even with a 10x or a 20x magnifying lens or my macro lens. If there is anyone lurking there, I can't see them without a microscope.

Whatever it is, if it is there at all, it doesn't appear to be doing any damage to the plant itself which is otherwise very healthy. If it is a trait of the Rik Ni Ran or a virus, I really can't be bothered as long as the plant thrives.

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kodom087 z9a

I appreciate all the feedback. I looked and looked with a high powered magnifying glass and even pulled out a jeweler's eye and didn't see anything. Non the less, I am re treating. Can't hurt, right? And we're having another little cold snap so I moved my adeniums back inside the house by the front door for the next couple days. Ready for some steady temperatures but for Houston that means very soon we'll be having constant 95+ weather.


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