Just A Few Pics From Barerooting .. To Containers.

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaApril 17, 2013

Hello Everyone!!

I just wanted to share some pics that i took today while i was barerooting some trees that i received from a friend from Florida.

Here are a few Arabicum's that were in pots under lights for a few months. I decided to bareroot these and put them in the Gritty Mix. One was blooming , but i wanted to get it repotted..

I am having issues with Photobucket... Argg!!!

I will try to post some more..

Grafted trees from Rinoa doing well!! Some are budding..!!

Montrose.. Multicolor Mini... Potted up in Gritty Mix. It looks funny now.. but it will fill out much better!! I love this one!!!

last new mini Montrose

Plumeria in the greenhouse waking up!!! YES!!!

I will have to post my seedlings from Mark D. They are all doing well and i am very happy with their progress.

Is anyone else not happy with Photobucket? I dont like this new set up..

Oh well..

Hope you enjoy the pictures. I love barerooting them and placing them into the new containers.

Next to repot are those bigger DR's that are huge. I will lift them and expose more of the Caudex.

Thanks for looking!!

Take care,


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kodom087 z9a

Wow! Those all look amazing. I love the red flower on that arabicum. I'm so jealous of the socos! Post more pics as they all grow up, please! My Jeanie Morange plumaria is starting to leaf out. Hope it blooms this year.


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maark23 TX/8a

Wow! You have an amazing collection. I really like the plant with the big pink flowers. :)

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odyssey3(7 noVA)

I really enjoyed the pictures! I have two in the gritty mix and need to transplant one other. I especially like the pictures of the first two, bareroot in your hand---it looks like you have uncovered their legs and they are trying to run away from you! :)

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Laura... Amazing work, beautiful pictures, nice set up and thanks for sharing with us.. So jealous! I'm growing desert rose from seeds and are about 6 weeks old... The one I had was stolen from the front yard :(...
Question: when you say bareroot, what is it you do/ or what do you mean?
Thanks again for sharing... Wish I had half of what you have.. Lol

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hi Kirk!!

I also love the color on the Arabicum.. It was hard to repot while it was blooming, but it handled it well. The Socos are really exciting. I have a Cross from Mark with your name on it.. remember? Let me know your addy and i can send it soon. The Jeannie Moragne is one beauty!! Congratulations on its growth!!! I just love the color of her... I will post more pics when they get bigger.. Thanks for the kind comments!!!

Hi Maark!! Thank you! There are alot of beautiful trees here on this forum. They are so addictive. Just like Plumeria!! ;-)

Hi Odyssey!!! Nice to see another Virginian!!! ;-)

Glad to hear yours are doing well.. I love the Gritty Mix and my trees also love being in this great draining mix.

LOL.. I had to go back and see the pics.. You are right!!! They do look like legs.. ready to run away from me!!! LOL

Hi Chuy!! I have been thinking of you.. Looking at what i am going to cut soon. It will be next week sometime,, but i will let you know!! ;-)

Thank you.. I love working with these trees as well as Plumeria... Always like to share and help... You know that!!! ;-) Happy Earth Day to you!!!

I am so sorry that someone stole your DR. That is awful...
It is such a shame when you can't display in your yard...

When i mention "Barerooting" I mean taking all of the old soil from the roots and repotting into another mix (gritty Mix)
This is the before and after pics you see above of the trees in the original soil, then i take the old soil off and expose the'"bareroots" and then pot up in a new mix and that is the pic in their new terracotta pots. I sometimes soak the trees to help loosen the old soil and then use the hose to help get the remaining soil away from the roots.

Hope this helps, Chuy. You will have your collection built up again.. Good things happen to good people.



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I've turned a horrible shade of green. Envy is a horrible thing!, ha ha. They are such beautiful plants. You have a lovely collection
Averil uk

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greenclaws UKzone8a

That makes 2 of us then Averil!! We can but wish. All those plants, all that sun, and a swimming pool to boot!! My fishpond only thawed out at the beginning of April, lol.
Gill, UK.

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HI Laura... Thank you for explaining :)... Do you cut any of the roots before you repot again? Yes.. Excited and can't wait for next week.. Lol!
It is unfortunate to come outside to the front yard and not see the one and only DR I had out there.. Pretty bummed.

Will wait to hear from you :)... Thank u again for sharing all of your beautiful DR's.


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Laura, add one more to the green with envy list!!! I am so impressed at the quality of care you are able to give each and every one of your plants - it shows!!!

Chuy, I am so sorry someone was so horrible they stole your plant :( That is so scummy and mean. Not to mention, terrible karma :)

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Elucas.. I too feel horrible for the nerve some people have in stealing... Horrible! Yes.. Bad karma is right!


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ladylotus(Z3/4 ND)


Your plants look FABULOUS. You can really tell that you put a lot of effort and time into growing on your Plumeria and Adenium. I've with Gill...LOVE your pool. I have been begging for a pool for a long time but we have such a short season it would not be worth the expense. Do you use it a lot?

My Koi pond is still frozen. I'm hoping with this weekends weather forecast that it will thaw and we can get it cleaned out soon.

Thanks for sharing your photos Laura.

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone!!

Averil...LOL... I'm green with envy that you live in the UK.
I have viisited there with my DH and loved every minute.. YOU are very lucky!! I will say that when i came home , i missed how polite everyone was in the UK. Believe me, i work with the general public and i see lots of things.. You all over the pond have such grace.... patience.
I was so impressed... Thank you for your kind comments.

Gill... I have seen the pictures from your front yard and they are like a painting.. I am green about the beauty you see everyday!!! Like i mentioned to Averil, You all in the UK have this special silent, respectful manner that is so apparent to me. I miss how people really pay attention and are kind. Truly, i was so impressed. You have a beautifull collection too!!

Hi Chuy!! I really don't remove any roots on most of the DR's and Adeniums. They all have such beautiful roots that i leave them most of the time. If i did see any that looked brown or mushy, then i would cut them away from the caudex. Most of the time i just leave them alone after i remove the soil. No need to trim, unless you have some roots that don't look good ( like on the side of the caudex..)

Next week will warm up and i will start that process.. I'm excited for you!!! ;-)

Thank you Emily.. I love to take good care of the DR's and Plumies!! YOU know that!!! ;) This is my therapy when i m not working, so it gives me so much peace. I love to see a tree grow to its full potential and give me the rewards for taking the time to just give it a litlle attention. Repotting is so easy and fast on the DR's... I love the new look after the repot. I have seen your pics.. You do a wonderful job!!!


Hi Lady... Love your name!!

Thank you for the kind comments as well. I love to tend to my trees and water them when i get home from work.. That is my "Calgon" moment!! I actually will inspect them Plumeria for inflos when i get home in the dark with a flashlight. LOL.. I know.. it is bad!!!

Our pool has been in our yard for 30 years. WOW!! I feel old. ;-) We do use it quite alot durinng the summer, especilly during the months of June, JUly and August. The temps can reach triple digits and the only relief is to jump in. The water temp can get hot tho. My DH thinks it is like bath water during the heat of the summer, but i like it warm verses to cold. When i take pics.. i like to use the cover so you can see the true tree. It gives my pics a background so we can see what i am trying to show..

I would love to have a Koi pond.. Lucky Lady!!! I could imagine a fountain with Koi.. so peaceful. Good luck with the thaw and thank you for your kind post. I really appreciate the kind words...

Take care,


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thank you Laura... I learn something every time with you!! can't wait for next week.. lol


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