hand pollination

roma0904(9)April 17, 2014

Does anyone has tried hand pollination? I saw a video on YouTube where a lady was doing hand pollination on some adenium and showing how, the funniest thing came when she said, this has never work, but I will keep on trying : ).
in four years I ve only had 2 pods and one of them its seeds were not fully developed and the first one I didn't know anything so only six of the seedlings survived


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When I visited the Living Stones nursery in Tucson, the owner (one of the author's of Adenium: Sculptural Elegance, Floral Extravagance), said he has used cat whiskers or boar's hair. That is the extent of my knowledge, however. :) Good luck!


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Cat's whiskers or boar's hair? But how? I have the book and I have read it, but not how you supost to read a book I read something in the middle then something at the end then something at the beginning and haven't seen anything, whiskers easy but boar's hair??? Hey Mr. Boar can I have a hair???
Thanks Laurie, will try to find something on the web

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I know! Sorry! I did not find anything specific in the book. Here is the e-mail on their website: boscoe@lithops .com
They were very nice and very informative. Maybe they can help you?


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Thanks Laurie

I will try to find something, I dont know if in other areas you get more seed pods than here, maybe other insects we don't have here do better job on pollination
Thanks again Laurie

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