juniperbreaApril 26, 2012

Tonight I noticed these itty-teeny-tiny-almost-couldn't-see-it yellowish white bugs on my DR leaves. I tried to get a pic but they were just too small. I posted a couple days ago about damage to my leaves ... Could this be the bugs, if so, what are they and what should I do? Thanks.

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First thing I would do is snap a good high resolution photo so we can make a definitive ID.

Second thing I would do is take the plant outdoors, lay it on its side, and turn a hose on the foliage. You don't want to blast the leaves plum off but you do want a moderate amount of water pressure to blow the bugs off. Take your time and do the underside of every single leaf.
If it is small enough you can do this indoors in a sink or shower- just hold your hand or tape plastic over the top of the soil during the procedure so all the soil doesn't fall out.

Third, come back and post your photo and a bug ID will be forth coming shortly and more permanent control methods can be discussed.

Recommendations from your first thread still apply- make certain that it is planted in a porous, airy, freely draining media and stop watering so frequently. This is the most important part and if you don't do that things will keep going wrong.

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A good pic would definitely help but I agree with the previous suggestion to blast the plants with water. I always have a problem with mealy bugs over the winter on the plnts that haven't gone dormant. I use repeated strong blasts of water to eradicate them. I don't have any issues once the plants are outside and it's not only the adeniums. A number of the plants that are stored in the grow room and greenhouse over the winter succumb to mealy bug infestations. I wish I was in a zone where I could leave my plants outside year round.

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Thanks C and K, I will do that, last night I spent a considerable time writing down recipes for new mix for my DR, will travel around our town today trying to track them down.

I will definitely wash the leaves well, I had tried wiping them, and you guys won't believe this! I accidentally wiped too closely to the three small blooms that were coming in and knocked them off!!! I almost cried! :(

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Juniperbrea, try this recipes for your yellow bugs. (these are very easy to kill) mix 4 table spoons dishwasher soap with one gallon of water. Use spray bottle and spray on bugs after sunset. Spray with water next morning.
(no direct sun, or the small leaves burn). Nornally take care first time, but repeat if needed.

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