Adenium in the Philippines

Seax88(9)May 10, 2014

Hi all,
I just returned from visiting friends in the Philippines, and while there I past by a nursery that caught my eye. There were at least 30 adenium plants as large as the ones pictured. Unfortunately my camera battery died after taking 3 shots though in posting this message I was only able to download one per message. The owner said they were all for sale starting at P2000 to P3000 [approximately $35 to $65] but was unfamiliar with shipping out of the country permits and suggested I buy one and stick it in my suitcase, which I had to decline. I may be back that way next year, so if any members know how I can approach this legally, perhaps I can pick a few up.

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Yo there, Seax88.

You are quite right to decline that suggestion. That sort of thing has not worked since the 70s, I don't think and whoever suggested it has not been through NAIA customs in the last 10 years. Even if it were possible to slip through, it is a very, very dangerous practice with the potential to destroy whole crops and I'm not even exaggerating. And it's just rude, as I'm sure you will agree.

Anyway, I think I am almost sure it will not be possible for you to bring a live plant out of the Philippines into (I'm assuming) the US.

The proper procedure is to have US and Philippine phytosanitary inspectors regularly inspect the nursery to ensure they are not hosting pathogens that could spread all over. This means that the nursery would already have to be certified before the fact. Then, the plant material would have to go through the applicable phytosanitary protocol (there are different kinds for live plants, fresh plant produce, animal products, etc) probably involving things like sprays, vapor heat treatment or whatever it is they do for live plants.

These standards and protocols are obviously necessary safety measures but even something that obvious is not that simple in practice. It is also a widely-used tool for trade restriction which is why Philippine mangoes are only found in very specific restaurants in California and only come from one specific island in the Philippines (Guimaras). The stakes are quite high, considering the number of orchards in California and Florida alone (they will be at risk from possible contamination with agricultural pests). The stakes are even higher if you consider the volume of (icky) mango imports from wherever those abominations come from (lol note my bias there), since their market will be under threat from vastly superior mangoes (lol).

ANYWAY, putting aside my rabid Philippine mango obsession...That's how difficult it is likely to be. Of course things might have changed in the last three years since I was last home but I doubt it. If you want, I can help you get in touch with someone who would know more.

The good news is that there are adenium sources already in the US and although I have never personally tried it, there are exporters out of Thailand and Taiwan as well and they are well-known in this forum of wonderful enablers.

Besides, those prices are ridiculous. In the unlikely event that I will feel compelled to pay $65 for an adenium plant, it better be at least 15 years old with a caudex the size of my office chair.

I hope this helped.


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Thanks for the reply Pagan, I doubt the folks I spoke to there would be interested in protocols necessary for exportation.
I do share your interest in what we here call the champagne mango, over there it is the carabao mango. I know because I bought a hectare that held 65 trees in the Davao area of Mindinao but which is now in the ownership of my ex-wife.

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Davao is a fantastic place for a lot of fantastic fruits.

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Yes there is quite an exotic selection. My favorite while there was mangosteen., but it was such a localized luxury that I couldn't find it in Luzon.

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Seax88, I can introduce you to a friend who specializes in aroids and succulents (including adeniums), he regularly supplies other nurseries in nearby asian countries, he can help you secure the necessary documents. send me a PM/email next time you plan to come back.

BTW, mangosteen is in season now and available in Manila. Just bought a couple of kilos the just other day.


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Thanks Mac, I'll keep it in mind.

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$35.- to $65.-? Wow. Very expensive compared to prices in Thailand, despite the nice pots and caudex. Adenium isn't exactly a weed in my garden but I am regularly pulling seedlings out. Two years of cultivation and you get plants like these.

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