Beware of Plumeria2U from Manchester UK

tedb4(11b)May 13, 2013

This got buried in another forum so I am reposting here... please feel free to contact me about it...

Just a quick comment on Plumeria2U out of the UK - I bought seeds from them with no problem, but with 2 purchases of adeniums from David Clulow in the first shipment 2 out of 5 plants were rotting on arrival, and when Stuart, the owner eventually responded a couple of months later, he promised to replace them and I ordered 5 more plants because I was very happy with the 3 that did arrive, he said he sent them but never provided any mailing information and of course they never showed up. He has also stopped answering any emails...
I'm not the only one... see

I can't post the actual link so this is a shortened version from google...

order with caution and please let me know if you want any specific details...

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I can confirm that this shop is a fraud, people never receive their seeds, and the guy just stops answering emails when complaints are made. Avoid.
Also, i think is from the same owner, when i was subscribed to their newsletter occasionally they would mix up and send adeniumseeds letters instead.

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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

I can't believe this. Its been almost 3 wks that he claim (Stuart) to have shipped my David Clulow Adeniums. I noticed one of the plants that I bought was pictured as "last one" then I saw the same plant again picture recently with"last one" noted again. He answered all my emails until shipment. He has stopped answering my emails as well and I'm planning to let paypal know. I was glad that its not me. I was wondering how adeniums in shipment for almost 3 wks could make it. I've ordered plants all over including South Africa and Taiwan and none has taking this long. Thanks for letting us know. I'll update as needed

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To keep you all updated, I just sent the following letter to him and will be happy to post any reply..

Hello again Stuart -

I'm attempting once again to try to resolve my order number 4576 placed on Feb 4th and which you reported dispatched on February 20th, but which never arrived. I am documenting this request for some sort of a response on several gardening forums in an attempt to resolve my complaint.

Just to remind you of the whole story, I placed my initial order for 5 adeniums from David Clulow on Sunday Oct 28th. After being mailed to my billing address and not my mailing address and being returned and then being reshipped, they finally arrived on Dec 10th. Unfortunately, of the 5 plants in my order 2 had begun to rot and died shortly thereafter. After numerous emails, which you reported went to your spam email box, you finally responded on February 2nd and said you would be happy to replace the plants. I purchased another 5 different adenium plants to help with shipping and because I was happy with the 3 plants that survived.

Two days later, on Feb 4th, I placed my second order (#4576). You corresponded with me up until about Feb 20th when you reported that you had dispatched the shipment. However, despite repeated emails, you never sent a tracking number, never responded and the shipment of 7 plants never arrived.

I would like some sort of response from you in regards to my complaint, which I will be happy to print on the forums along with this letter.

Please note that if you search on Google for Plumeria2U, on the initial search page these complaints do register quite visibly and I believe that you have already lost business because of them, so I hope you will be ready to finally respond and clear up this situation. Likewise, I would be very happy to receive the plants that I paid for.

Yours sincerely,

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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

Great letter. good luck. I'm sure he will ignore it like usual. Take action and notify your bank, card card company and/or paypal to report this guy and his scam !. I've got in touch with paypal and got one of my most recent purchases refunded. I had Stuart hold my orders until March/ April due to the weather. He made sure that his so called " mailed"
( on April 22) had passed the 45 days required by PayPal. Still have no plants!. He's always having these so called amazing sales, specials and clearance which is how I made multiple purchases.

PayPal has a 45 days Max to report any problems, therefore my purchases made late Feb had exceeded that 45 day max by the time I realized that Stuart is a FAKE. I notified my credit card via Palpal recommendations and they are have credited me pending fraud investigation for my other two purchases. My card company also filed what is called " chargeback" via Paypal to collect from Stuart. I always make foreign purchases via Paypal only.

Please contact your credit card, bank and/or Paypal to report this guy. He constantly updates his website but refuses to answer any emails. We are not alone and should not allow someone like Stuart to con anyone again.I wonder if David Clulow knows how this guy is using his name and work to deceive and con adenium lovers. Other than Rinoa, I will not be ordering ANY adeniums overseas. Take action now to get your money back and put a stop to this scam!

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Never got any reply - this man is a thief!

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Sorry things did not work out for you with this Seller. I am glad that I did not
purchase from them. I had contacted a year ago, but held off.
How are your plants doing for you?

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This was posted a couple of weeks ago on another blog. I decided to paste here too. And will probably post it on other sites:
I am writing this on behalf of a friend who's in France, and on my behalf too, since I have had the same frustration of being ignored.
My friend had ordered and received a couple of items from Plumeria2U LTD last year without problem.
Because of this he felt more confident about ordering more products from them. From January to April this year he has placed over 5 orders and paid for them on the dot.
He has never received nor heard anything from Plumeria2U.
He has tried repeatedly to contact them to ask where his merchandise was and got no response at all. After several tries he's asked me, because I live in the UK, to try and find out what was going on. I have tried to reach this company for the last 3 months and am still waiting tfor an answer.
So far as we are concerned, Plumeria2U LTD is a dishonest company. My friend has been ignored all this time, (and so have I been) and more importantly he has lost a lot of money. Beware: it may happen to you.

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The thing I do not understand is that this company lists plants and seeds from David Clulow (world known) and this is someone that you would want selling and representing you as a Hybridizer? I wouldn't think so. David may not be aware, but he should be made aware if he or other hybridizers are selling like this. I know that large companies do not care because people keep buying no matter what.
I would not want someone representing my name.
My thoughts,

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Thanks Rick-

I have thought about writing to David, but haven't gotten around to it and I am not sure if the thief even stocks his plants any more...

Will post a plant update soon :)

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David knows about it, but choses to do nothing. He is however very quick to criticize every other seller out there, often even on bad reasoning. I would NEVER buy anything from him or p2u again, there are far better and more honest sellers available now, Rinoa Chen represents a whole bunch of very advanced thai breeders for instance.

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haworthia(8 Virginia Beach)

How sad,that David is aware and have chosen to do nothing. I agree that Rinoa in Taiwan and Durham botanical right here in US are amazing . Unfortunately I was one of those customers that lost money and I'm still fighting with paypal as to why they continue to allow "P2U" to be a paypal seller with all these complaints. Please call paypal too if you have a paypal account. I only ordered from him due to the paypal logo, knowing I would be getting my money back for any problems...but I was wrong!.

"Stuart" claimed to have mailed the plants closer to the paypal cut of time (I think 40 days which I was not initially aware). By the time that you realized that you've been scammed, its too late and you cannot fight paypal because of the time lapse. I got some money back but not all. I'm not giving up on this one. I had him hold my order to mail when weather permits and that was a poor decision on my behalf

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That is unfortunate Haworthia.
I had a situation similar and unfortunately people need to start a claim with Paypal within prescribed days to cover yourself. The seller may come through, but if you do not start a claim within 45 days from purchase date you risk losing.
I hated to do it, but you can always close it.
I hope you get somewhere with them.
There has been much talk about PlumeriaU2 on many sites with same concerns and stories.
Very unfortunate.

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