karyn1(7a)May 23, 2012

In all the years that I've grown adeniums I've never had a seed pod, even when blooming plants are in close proximity. Do those of you with pods hand pollinate or rely on natural pollinators? I've also only had a very few plumeria pods and never any that have matured. I have to hand pollinate most of my brugs and passies and it's not like I don't have a yard full of flying insects. I rarely use insecticides and never any broad spectrum ones. I'm also very careful with application because I rely mainly on beneficial insects for pest control. I'd love to get some seed pods on my adeniums, even though they'd likely produce the common pinks.

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Karyn, I don't do any hand pollination because I don't have the patient. But it is nice to cross pollinate,and someday have another color of your own that you can give a name to.

You tube may help with short video clip...


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I ended up with a seedpod when I transported a desert rose from a relative's house and I left it sitting by my garage under the lights that are on all night next to the garage. At night, moths swarm those lights and I am sure one of them must have pollinated a flower.

Try putting one under an outdoor light at night and see if you get a seed pod.

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I have no experience with seedpods/pollution of Adeniums, but have read a lot.
Have you ever looked at the info. That they have on the Adenium society of Australia yahoo site or the ADENIUM yahoo site. They have files with almost everything you could imagine. They are very humble and helpful also.
I am not at that point yet. Hope this helps a little.

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I've looked at loads of step by step diagrams and have attempted to follow them but have had no success. I've also had a lot of difficulty hand pollinating ceropegias and stapeliads but at least have had a few successes. Not so with the adeniums. I'll just keep my fingers crossed that maybe some will be naturally pollinated next season. It won't be by hummingbirds. For some reason they avoid them like the plague in my yard. They'll be nectaring on loads of different flowers in the garden and when they fly near an adenium bloom they zip away. Strange????

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