green blooms? ??

roma0904(9)May 19, 2014

I bought this plants 3 weeks ago, at that moment it had 2 flowers, they were RED with BLACK edges, now it is blooming GREEN, is it possible they will change to redbas they mature?

P.d. do NOT laugh of my crocks


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Hi Roberto,
I am assuming that it had flowers open/mature when you purchased it?
As the flower buds start to get bigger you will start to see color as it opens. You should anyway.

By the way your cloggers (crocks) are the best shoes to where around the yard or anywhere. I love them and they are so comfortable.
Clog (crock) away,

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Lol, my wife dont let me even step on the side walk with the crocks on, and yes I used to make fun of them until I put them on, now love them,

Back to the business, myes they were mature when I bought the plant, but my other adeniums bloom's are pink since they born


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Lol, after I posted the above follow up something came to my mind, I remembered that in Mexico back in the 70's you bought some really really nice rose plant with this gorgeous pink, blue, red, etc colors and then when the new blooms came out surprise were all whites, there were painted with some vegetable water base paint, back then that paint was sold almost anywhere as dust in little plastic envelopes, maybe it was the same with this adenium, they used to paint baby chickens too

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