To stimulate branching on Adeniums

Bergit(nordic costal)May 4, 2012

My Adeniums are seedgrown and were started last Summer.

I want them to have many "solid" branches from as early on as possible.

Some branch naturally, some are slower ...

I have cut the top of many of them because I'd like them to branch, and I don't like them long and leggy.

Is there any way I can stimulate them to send out branches from all the "spots" where there were leaves last year ?

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Search these two sites:

1...Oglesby Plants International, Florida....
hit: sub-heading cultural notes for Adenium, and they show a method for trimming and inducing branching.

hit" Adenium Desert Rose, scroll down and hit highlighted pink headings "Branching can be induced"

Hope this helps.

Check J.L. Hudson Seedsman for Gibberellic acid kits


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Bergit(nordic costal)

GREAT ! Thanks a lot !

I just followed your instructions ,
and there was all the information I needed ! :-)

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bergit, from the nordic coastal....

Please let us know if these techniques work. I'd love to know.

Glad to help.

New York City

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Bergit(nordic costal)

Hi , Frank !
I'm in Norway ... Didn't know what zone that would be in the "zone system" that is used in the US ... So I guess I made up my own ... lol ...

But I'm as far north as "the middle of Alaska" or the great lakes of Canada. So of course my Adeniums are houseplant.

Being far north gives them a lot of light in summer, though, that's an advantage, I think (hope).

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Hi Bergit from the Nordic-Costal....

I never "spoke" to anyone directly from Norway before. It's a pleasure. Don't worry about making-up/inventing your climate zone. I frequently make-up my own reality...I'm not delusional....but I make up just enough fantasy to make me feel comfortable! : )

Growing Adeniums in New York City....see, that's a fantasy, bordering on the delusional! Lousy weather, cold winters, some sun, lots of rain....just like the deserts in Africa, right? See, that's a made up reality. Maybe if I can get an Adenium to live a couple of years, I'll be lucky. In my next life, I will have a desert-type greenhouse so that I will be able to grow all my caudex-producing, desert-type plants. I just ordered two, very expensive, Cyphostemma juttae plants, and I'm hoping they will live, at least for a few years. They are native to the South African, arid desert regions. New York City = South African deserts? I don't think so...see, another delusion.

Actually, the long days of full sun for extended periods might just work to your benefit. The extra sun might give your Adeniums the boost of energy that they need.

Happy growing, my Nordic-coast friend,

Frank, from.....The Big Apple/Gotham City/The Capital of the World...

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Bergit(nordic costal)

Frank ,
I see no reason at all why Adeniums wouldn't make it in New York ... hey , you gotta believe man ... lol ... attitude ...

Maybe some New Yorkers , or others from the same climate zone , could step in here and convince you !

BUT a serious question , are your Adeniums houseplants all year around , or will they be outside part of the year ?

Happy growing , you too ! ! ! ! ! !

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greenclaws UKzone8a

Frank, I am able to grow Adeniums here in the UK reasonably well. Whilst I admit to my plants probably not being as big as ones of a similar age grown in warmer areas, and being devoid of blooms (so far), I can still grow them! We are more northerly than NY and our elevation is over 900ft so we can and do get very cold and windy. As a result, I just grow my Adeniums indoors during the colder months and in the greenhouse when (and if) it warms up. They seem perfectly happy to be grown this way. I have had problems in the past, mainly through my own ignorance, but now I'm a bit more savvy as to their requirements, (with Gweb's help naturally) I can solve most probs or stop them from happening in the first place. We don't heat the house at night, ever, it's way too expensive, so my DR's often have to suffer and survive temps as low as 5C/41F in winter...and they have yet to go dormant!!! I grow palms, strelitzias, brugmansias, daturas, and anything else that is takes my if I can do it...........
Gill from a very wet, soggy and cold UK.

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